Business Lessons And Mistakes That I Learned Along The Way


From a very young age, my mom encouraged me to pursue an MBA. But I never did. I started my YouTube journey around seven years back and even started Big Brain co. and co-founded Monk-e and Level.

I have learned a lot about business through experience. 

I started at 22, and these are a few mistakes and learning I gained over the years through experience.


Don’t run behind the idea

  • Focus on gaining knowledge.
  • Learn about the business world.
  • You can run any business with a little bit of Jugaad.
  • Do internships.
  • You need to be passionate about that business to grow it.


Business Partner

  • For a successful business, you need to have teamwork.
  • He or she needs to have a sharp mind and be hardworking.
  • Find someone with who you can hang out in social situations. 
  • Identify your and their strength and weakness.
  • Have clarity.

\"\"Informal Start

  • There would be pivotal points in your business, so be ready for that.
  • Divide your responsibilities with your partner. 
  • The informal start is the stage before the official opening of your company. At this stage, you can figure out how well you can gel with your business partner. 


Worst Phase Of Business

  • The first year of business is difficult.
  • Ego comes in between. You need to be ready to do menial tasks yourself. 
  • Keep the costs low at the start.
  • You must fight the battles with self-doubt and people questioning every step you take.



  • Spend minimum and think of earning maximum. 
  • Learn from people and be careful while hiring. 


Data Analytics

  • Maintain a sheet to keep a note of all the work.
  • These sheets will help you analyze and grow.


Jabs and Networking

  • You need to know all your businesses. 
  • Even when you have different team leads, you should keep checking in.
  • Increase your network.


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