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Ways To Find If They Like You Or Not

Do you ever get confused if your crush likes you back or is just being friendly? Are you worried about costing a wholesome friendship at the slim chance of a potential relationship? Do not worry, Ranveer has got you covered.

Even finding out if a person likes you boils down to some simple observation.

1) Group eye contact

Let us say that your entire group of friends is laughing at a joke. Humans tend to look at the person they are emotionally the most connected to or the person they are romantically involved with while laughing in such situations. If your crush looks at you to see your reaction, even when their best friend is also in the group laughing, there is a chance they are into you too.

2) Flirting through body language

Closed body contact can go one of two ways:
> They keep their arms folded or behind their back or in their pockets and answer in monosyllables and keep looking away to avoid eye contact.

>They might get intimidated by you. So while their arms are still folded, they laugh at your jokes and try maintaining eye contact and keep smiling at you.
What you are looking for is completely open body language or the latter case in closed body language.

Remember that when someone likes you, their body takes over their minds and they often drop hints through body language without their realization that you should pick on.

3) Spot verbal and physical conversations

If you are at a party, check if your crush is dancing around you, with you or near you. Usually, it is a telltale sign that your crush is into you. You can try some friendly dancing around your crush (nothing creepy, please) to give them a sign while looking for their reaction to having you around.

A good verbal conversation sign is when your crush says something inherently stupid around you. It is just a sign that they are getting awkward while trying to approach you which is a good thing! If you have a crush on them, just bring them to a comfortable level and hold the conversation so they feel good around you. Any physical or verbal conversation that goes on for 15-20 minutes is a green light.

4) Direct flirting

If a person likes you, they will compliment you a lot in regular conversations or tease you with a potential partner, it is a sign. They tease you about another person to check your romantic headspace and position. A lot of simple physical contact like touching the arm signals that they are comfortable with you. Every human has a comfort zone bubble around them. Physical contact like nudging is equivalent to them crossing your comfort zone to check if you are okay with it. It is the final telltale sign that your crush is into you too.

5) Do not rely on only 1 or 2 points

Often, in such social situations, do not forget that humans are just polite people. There is no point in misinterpreting someone’s friendliness for romantic involvement. People just want other people to be comfortable and feel better. Do not rely on only one or two of the aforementioned points. Usually, this kind of flirting happens in the same order of progression and if it happened to you in the same way, it is the ultimate sign!

Keeping feelings for someone inside for long can get upsetting and don’t be afraid of rejection! Also, don’t be that guy who cannot take no for an answer. Just remember that you only live once and it is okay to have romantic feelings for someone!

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