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Affordable Diet For Fitness!

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When it comes to talking about bodybuilding, there is a steady discourse about food intake and nutrition. More often than not, the influencers you follow for bodybuilding have ridiculously expensive foodstuff on their diet plans. Do not succumb to the frauds of the gymming industry since Ranveer bhaiyya is here to give you foolproof ways of developing lean muscle mass on a low budget! 

Starting with the basics, it is important to remember that developing lean muscle mass should be a long term goal. This diet shouldn’t be followed for a year or two, but for the rest of your life. Throughout your life, you should work out while supplementing it with ample amounts of protein. Protein is generally more expensive than other foodstuff and with proper guidance, you can make a diet plan that complements your workout well! 

Protein Rating Budget System:

Using the easiest accessible source of protein, that is, an egg, we will build a protein budgeting system that we can use to compare it to other kinds of foodstuff. 

1 egg which costs 5-6 rupees has 6.5 grams of protein.

Thus 1 rupee would give 6.5/5 that is 1.3 grams.

Keeping eggs as standard, we get 1.3 g per rupee. 

The higher the rating, the better would the food be as a protein source.

Tip 1: Embrace vegetarian options

Proteins sound synonymous with non-vegetarian food, but that is so not the truth! In reality, there are multiple vegetarian readily available items in the kitchen that contain large amounts of proteins that most of us are absolutely unaware of! Wheat and Rava has 14g and 12g of protein out of a quantity of 100g. Calculating the protein rating, we would get:

Rava = 2.1 g/rupee

Wheat = 2.7 g/ rupee 

This value is relatively high as a vegetarian source, and parents wouldn’t even have problems with it since wheat and Rava is found in all houses. These are also sources of clean carbohydrates, so while setting a diet plan, you could hit two birds with one stone.

Tip 2: Soya chunks

Soya chunks have incredibly high levels of protein (52g of proteins in 100 g of soya)! To add icing to the cake, it’s also incredibly cheap! Around one pack of 200 grams come for 40 rupees. Calculating that into our protein rating budget system, we get:

Soya chunks = 2.6 g/rupee

Tip 3: Eggs

Like we already calculated before, the rating for eggs would be 1.3 g/rupee. You should definitely include the egg yolk. Egg yolks are rich in good cholesterol, vitamin B12, calcium, and other nutrients.

Tip 4: Cheap fish

When you go to a fish market in India, you will see fish in a variety of price ranges. You can see fish like surmai, pomfret, rawas and other fish that you eat at restaurants. A personal favorite would be ladyfish. You can buy around 6-7 of them for only 50 bucks. Getting that on the Protein rating budget, we get

Ladyfish = 1.3 g/rupee (roughly)

Tip 5: Simple whey protein

Protein shakes are the best source of protein that you can find. Easy to digest, easy to make, and easier to store. Simple whey proteins are simply the best option for everyone. You cannot take proteins for some time and expect them to stay like that when you stop your regular intake. So, you should find a protein shake that suits your price range. Do not try the shady expensive ones available in the market.

Tip 6: Buy in bulk

A lot of food items are a whole lot cheaper when bought in a bulk. If storage options are available to you, start buying easily preservable food in bulks. Brown rice, oatmeal and nuts don’t require a lot to be preserved, and yet, they stay fresh for a long time.

Tip 7: Learn to cook

This point cannot be stressed enough. The lack of cooking skills leads you to opt for takeouts, which are always expensive. India is the land of spices, there is no dearth of spices available for cheap. One foodstuff can be cooked in ten different ways using ten different spices. Try experimenting with your food, the results would be satisfying. There are ample cooking websites available for you to pick recipes from.

Essentially, based on the amount of protein you need, create the right diet plan following these hacks and with persistence, you will be developing lean muscle mass in no time!

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