My Story

Ranveer Allahbadia

Appreciate your struggles

I am Ranveer Allahbadia and today, I have a story to tell you. A story which began with Failure led to Depression yet ended up teaching me the most. This story along with all the years helped me devise this mantra to success in the end - to appreciate my struggles.

The beginnings were full of failures, setbacks and struggles. Heartbreaks, Negativity, Self-deprecation ruled my life back then. Today, I can proudly say, those lessons brought me where I am. I realised that Failures are bound to happen, instead of criticising myself and questioning "Why me?" , I started appreciating it. I accepted the fact that once I’ve hit rock bottom, it’s only upward from there on. I learnt a new approach: Positivity.


I started my journey with Fitness. Fitness was the one thing I could always rely on. With no interest in conventional jobs like Engineering or thirst for an MBA degree, I invested all I had into my passion - Fitness. It was difficult but I knew the knowledge I have on Fitness can help me in more than one way. Fitness became my "healthy escape". It brought me peace, focus, motivation and zeal to do something productive.

BeerBiceps was the fruit of all the hard work I put into myself. I settled with training people and sharing my expertise in Fitness on Youtube. I aimed to change people's lives like it did mine. I slowly realized I can make a living out of Youtube and decided to approach my college friend, now my business partner, Viraj Sheth to manage my finance and collaborations.

My Youtube friends saw how Viraj managed me and wanted to do the same for themselves.Together, Viraj and I geared into a venture called, Monk Entertainment, with him heading the wagon. We began managing Youtubers and assisting them with Social Media Management service

BeerBiceps is now a team of 50+ employees working to provide youth with the best curated content on Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition, Career, Financial advice, Relationship advice, Spirituality. Today, my family consists of Youtube channels, a Podcast called "The Ranveer Show" , Monk Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and Our newest creation in the bag - BigBrainCo.

I know that this was possible only when I saw my failures as lessons. The turning point in my life was not something extraordinarily huge but rather a moment, a small epiphany when I finally realised that I needed to "Appreciate my struggles" to move forward and upward in life.