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Welcome to BeerBiceps!

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What's good you guys? You all know that Fitness and Health have been the foundation of my journey, they got me where I am today - Beerbiceps is all about that and more. I have always believed in Self-Growth. Determination towards a goal is the one constant I tend to rely upon. Throughout my journey of 5 years and more, I have learnt one thing - No matter where you are, what you do, always keep striving for more. And withstanding that, I am presenting another piece of my heart to y'all - The Beerbiceps Website. With content created and curated by me personally, I present to you, a compilation of Blogs, Vlogs, YouTube videos, Podcasts and much more. This website will have everything you want to know about your very own - Beerbiceps a.k.a Ranveer Allahbadia.




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Youtube is the core of my journey. Want to know my secrets on Life, Fitness,
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‘The Ranveer Show’ is India’s smartest podcast where I engage in conversations
with illustrious guests across different industries.
Many Innovators, Motivators and Celebrities have featured on ‘TRS’ churning out
wisdom on a variety of topics.


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Immensely inspired by @iRadhikaGupta & her incredible journey. From coming out of a dark phase of depression to achieving incremental success!

A very Happy Birthday to you ma'am. Thank you for giving us such a gorgeous episode.

Watch here:

Took a 'content risk' and created a stimulating podcast about the Afghanistan situation.

In an era where most media is controlled by external forces, I strongly believe that soldiers, historians and researchers hold the key to GEOPOLITICAL truths.


BIG ADVICE for Indian kids, whose parents lived through 1970s & 1980s India :-

Do not let the shortcomings of your parents' time convince you that your modern dreams are unachievable.

Relentlessly chase the dream that you dream for yourself.

2020s can become India's decade.

On the show today, we have with us an ace wildlife conservationist @HansDalal.

Stories of adventure, the wilderness of nature, encounters with wild animals & more.
Send in your wild questions!

Our Hindi episode was appreciated widely. Watch here:

The next podcast of the day, we have with us, Colonel Krishnan Srinivasan.

It's an absolute honour for me personally to host army veterans on the show. The kind of perspectives they share have been exceptional.

Send in your questions for @krishnan757.


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