Ranveer Allahbadia

Meet BeerBiceps AKA Ranveer Allahbadia. He’s not just any entrepreneur, he’s a dreamer and a podcaster who lives by one simple rule: to explore the unexplored. Once an average engineering student, he’s now the heart and soul of BeerBiceps, captivating over 12 million followers across seven YouTube channels. But that’s not all. His passion and drive have also led him to launch three successful startups. Ranveer’s journey from a college student to a digital powerhouse is a testament to where curiosity and hard work can take you.

Know more about me

I come from a family of doctors, but I knew I didn’t want to follow in their footsteps, so engineering seemed like the next best option. I managed to get into an engineering college, and by that time, I had already gotten into fitness. I was quite buff, which, surprisingly, led to some disdain from my teachers. Around the same time, I was going through a breakup and had fallen into the habit of partying every day. When the results came out, I had to tell my mom I had failed one subject. She wasn’t too upset with me, but that moment was a wake-up call. I realized I needed to turn my life around. After that, I buckled down, worked hard, and eventually brought my grades up. I also did a few internships, which were eye-opening. It was during these internships that I realized I wanted to start something on my own. So, after completing my engineering degree, I decided to launch a fitness app.


As a child, I was notoriously confident and active, participating in various competitions. However, during my teenage years, I faced significant bullying that eroded my confidence, partly because I was overweight. It’s common to encounter insecurities during adolescence, but as we grow, we often leave these insecurities behind and make peace with who we are. My mother was the cornerstone of my regained confidence; she supported me unconditionally. Her encouragement led me to take up judo during my school days, which played a crucial role in grounding me. I even went on to win a few competitions. Since my school days, I had a knack for editing, though I never imagined it would become my career path.


Start Of BeerBiceps

I was advised to begin promoting my content, which led me to start a YouTube channel called BeerBiceps. Initially, the channel focused on fitness and cooking. Later, we expanded our content to include self-development and styling. After working on the channel for a year or two, I reconnected with Viraj, who was my junior in college and is now my co-founder at Monk Entertainment.


Monk Entertainment

Viraj began managing me, and we quickly identified a gap between emerging influencers and brands. To bridge this gap, we founded a talent management company named Monk Entertainment. Our journey started in the basement of my building, where we successfully brought together notable brands and creators. Initially, a small team of 3-4 young engineers, Monk Entertainment has since expanded to over 200 team members.

Start of Podcasting

Our podcasting journey commenced around 2019. We reached out to other YouTubers and some Bollywood celebrities, securing Priyanka Chopra as one of our most significant achievements. Since then, our growth has been continuous, featuring celebrities like Ayushmann Khurrana, Siddharth Roy Kapur, and Saif Ali Khan, among others. A highlight was having Arnold Schwarzenegger on the show. To date, we’ve recorded over 200 podcasts on our English channel and more than 100 on our Hindi channel as of February 2023. The lockdown presented challenges, particularly since podcasting typically requires a comprehensive setup and in-person interactions. However, we adapted by moving to Zoom calls for our podcasts, hosting guests from diverse fields including defense, history, spirituality, and Bollywood.

Notable guests have included Jay Shetty, Gaur Gopal Das, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sourav Ganguly, Rohit Shetty, Priyanka Chopra, G.D. Bakshi, and Amish Tripathi. In addition to podcasting, I’ve launched two more ventures: Big BrainCo. and Level Supermind.

Continuous Growth and Learning

Every day is a journey of exploration, learning, and growth. Over the past seven years, one key lesson has stood out: no matter your circumstances or activities, always strive for more. Embracing this philosophy, I’m excited to introduce another passion project – the BeerBiceps website. Personally curated and created, this platform offers a rich compilation of blogs, vlogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, and much more. It’s designed to provide everything you want to know about BeerBiceps AKA Ranveer Allahbadia.