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“The only way to thank Lord Krishna for always guiding me is through serving, mentoring, and passing his guidance to others.” – Ranveer Allahbadia.


In my career, I have had many great mentors like Siddharth Roy Kapoor, Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Manish Pandey, and Kiran Khalap. But today, I am sharing the story of a mentor who has been alongside me since my childhood. These are my personal experiences with the greatest mentor ever – Lord Shri Krishna.

Every religion talks about God. It talks about the omnipresent energy which is everywhere. When someone closes their eyes and concentrates, they can feel this omnipresent energy around them in different shapes. For some, it might be Jesus, it can be Allah or Durga Maa, but for me, it’s always been, Shri Krishna.

I believe that Hinduism is not a religion but a thought process. Every Hindu respects the God that people of other religions worship. Because in Hinduism, we believe in ‘Parabrahma’ ( a supreme power behind the creation of this universe). We worship Parabrahma in different shapes like Ganpati, Hanuman, Durga Maa, Laxmi Maa, and so on. For me, it is Lord Shri Krishna.

My attachment to Krishna takes me back to the story of Mahabharta, where he gave guidance to Arjuna during the Kurukshetra war.

He helped Arjuna, mentored him as a friend and a guide to kill demons inside his heart and fight against evil with a warrior mindset. It is the kind of vibe, energy, and guidance I get from Krishna when I am in a situation of distress.


The story goes back to 2017 when I successfully established our English YouTube channel, ‘BeerBiceps’ and we were doing perfectly fine in terms of numbers. One day I asked one of my dearest YouTuber friend Prajakta Koli a.k.a. Mostlysane, to criticize me positively in terms of my work. She told me that I was doing fine with the English channel but what if I had a Hindi channel too? I can reach more people and create a bigger audience in regional India.

It wasn’t like this thought didn’t cross my mind before that, but I was too conscious about my Hindi speaking ability in front of the camera. After speaking to Prajakta, I finally felt that I should give it a shot, and from July 2017 to January 2018, every month, we tried to shoot a couple of episodes in Hindi, but I always failed. I started questioning my abilities and losing confidence.

I tried and failed and failed. I asked another friend Zakir Khan who gave me some tips to improve my Hindi and suggested a book called ‘Tarkash’ ( Javed Akhtar’s Autobiography ). My problem with Hindi and confidence was the same which people have with their English speaking skills.

During this time in India, Reliance Jio had boomed. The Internet has reached every corner of the country. It increased my need for creating content in Hindi to grow my career.

Trying and failing till March 2018, I got more anxious and was trembling on hope. Even my team suggested I should concentrate on the English channel to gain more and forget about Hindi. But I looked upon it as a challenge to overcome if I had to rise in my career. Every night I would pray to Krishna to show me the way, guide me and give me the power to achieve my goals the same way I prayed in my childhood.

Once I was recording a video for 3 hours and got frustrated by not being able to speak with confidence. So I canceled the shoot and went to a RadhaKrishna temple near my home. I sat there and started meditating and concentrated on Shri Krishna. I was chanting a mantra, ‘Om Namah Dattay’ , a combined mantra for Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. I must have done this chanting and meditation for around 45 mins after which I felt unusual energy.

Until this moment I had performed a lot of intense meditation practices, taken courses, and had a reiki experience. In Reiki, I’ve learned about ‘chakras’. One such chakra is ‘Vishudha’ present near the throat, and if we concentrate on it while chanting, it gets activated.

After my meditation at the RadhaKrishna temple, I felt this power in my throat, and I began the shoot again. We ended up shooting back-to-back 3 videos in a night. Now, this can happen because of my positive attitude, and there is no external power present in it, But I believe that night, there was some power and strength given to me by Krishna. I got my confidence back, and we started our Hindi Youtube channel ‘Ranveer Allahbadia’.

Our English channel took 3 and half years to reach 1 million subscribers, whereas our Hindi channel took less than 18 months. Even today, I thank Krishna every night for giving me the strength to face challenges.


Everything was going fine unless the pandemic hit us all in 2020. People were at home, and no one was interested in fashion videos or grooming videos. Again it was a huge downfall of views on the Hindi channel. We tried making different series of content like growing your social media career, but nothing worked.

Meanwhile, my team would suggest starting a Hindi podcast, but again I wasn’t confident. I believed that I can’t have such a long conversation in Hindi. Once, we had an English podcast with Mr. Vivek Bindra, who asked me if we could shoot it in Hindi, and it went well for me. I felt confident again.

That day I remembered a quote, “The only thing that is keeping you away from your dreams is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself”.

My bullshit story was to keep telling myself that I cannot talk in Hindi for so long, but I forgot that I had overcome the same kind of fear 2 years back.

There is a thing called hard-wiring which means every person’s brain works in a certain way. My hard-wiring is to begin with meditating and chanting to Lord Krishna. I believe that he again guided me, and we started the Ranveer Show Hindi. Beginning with our first guest Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, then Harshil Karia, and the third episode with Kiran Khalap sir, who are all my mentors.

Our views during the pandemic fell, from 5 lakhs per episode to 30k per episode, but after this, today we’ve begun to rise again.

If I wanted, I would have brought any Bollywood actor to increase the numbers. But my goal is to focus on mentorship, productivity-based content, and I believe we will touch a million views per episode soon because we focus on guidance for others and help people grow.

It is the energy He gave me, and the only way to thank Lord Krishna for always guiding me is through serving, mentoring, and passing his guidance to others.


  1. If you have a dream, then never tell yourself that you can’t achieve it. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

‘You can’t do it’ is the only bullshit story you tell yourself.

  1. If you think you are not capable of doing anything then work hard, and pray to your God, your Krishna to guide you and strengthen you to achieve it.
  1. When you achieve your dreams, share your experiences and help others to grow. This will get you one step closer to your Krishna.
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  1. Gauri

    I had listened the audio version of it right on the day of release and today I’m here, reading this, feels so warm..everytime I hear your solo podcast, I feel like you are taking to me, you are just mentoring me, and probably that’s one of the reasons I love solo podcasts so much ❤ thank you for all the healing 🙂 <3

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