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“When you choose to be a social media creator as a full-time job, you are signing a contract with your Anxiety”

I have been in the world of content creation for almost 7 years now. This world has given me a lot, I have seen a lot of success and failure. More than that, it has been a learning process. Learning different apps and adapting to what works on each platform. 

Social Media has changed a lot since I first began. In this struggle to stay relevant, my team and I have always experimented and always tried our best to keep up with the trends while providing the information we wanted. 

Hence, putting all that knowledge together, here is a guide that I feel will help you to grow in this industry

Always keep in mind, Twitter is where you can share your thoughts and attract like-minded people, while LinkedIn is where you can focus on building your work portfolio and connecting with people from the corporate world  is at but YouTube and Instagram are at the forefront 

Short-Form Content

Short-form content has taken over Instagram and Youtube. The photos and IG videos are almost dead.

Why so? The \”algorithm\” is centered around how to increase the user\’s time spent on Instagram and Reels because of its short duration, it is the key. This is why reels are featured more.

The greatness of Tik-Tok wasn\’t on how many people uploaded but is usually attributed to the team of psychologists and machine learning experts who knew how to get their audience hooked.

You need to know that the reels that work on Instagram won’t work on YouTube.

The best hack, to grow on platforms like Instagram is to focus on using popular music, follow the trends

Not sure about this but I do feel that Youtube shorts are more focused on promoting informative content


Master the short-form content, use good quality camera and lighting if possible, try telling stories, make shorts very interesting

Long-Form Content

It is heartbreaking to say, but it is what it is. Long-form content is dying.

Changes in social media content are based on demand and supply. The demand for long-form content is going down and so is the supply.

Not to forget, web series type of content is taking over YouTube. Vlogs are becoming a new form of expression, as vlogs are a great way of putting out your filmmaking skills.

Long-form content works on deep research and the amount of editing needs to be insane.  

I honestly love and respect the put-in by Abhi and Niyu and even Dhruv Rathee. I truly feel they are the Master of long-form content.


One more YouTube channel that has aced long-form content is BigBrainco.

It sounds like a subtle plugin but they have reached 300K subscribers in such a short period with deep research and informative content

Also, make sure to check out a few videos. You will get to learn a lot about how content works.


Guide For New Creators

It is necessary to study the subject before you get into a new field. If you are planning to be a content creator, study social media, study how each app works, and its algorithm.

We had created a few videos on our Hindi channel regarding social media which might help. It might be a little outdated but still helpful

Rules to follow

Rule 1- Study theory.

Study social media, and study the apps that you want to use. Courses are available all over the internet. You can even learn by watching Youtube videos.

Rule 2– Analysis.

Analysis and learn for yourself, what kind of content works on which platform and start working in that direction. Think of it from an analytic perspective.

Rule 3– One Platform at a Time

Don’t rush, select very few games. Start with Short-form content. Get to know where your niche audience lies. Don’t start all at once. Grow gradually. 

Rule 4– TeamWork

Focus on Building a Team. Focus on your intentions and how you plan to grow.


Know that massive social media numbers are only half of what you do on social media. The other half focuses on what you do in the real world.

The final 2 takeaways I would say would be 

  1. Always approach creativity to sustain. Try to not reach a point where you feel burned out. You might feel like you will lose relevance.

 Experiment, focus on staying relevant.

  1. When What & How – Exit Plan

Make sure you have an exit strategy ready. There would be days where you feel you have lost your relevance or you can\’t work anymore but then you don\’t know where to go and what to do. 

To avoid this, always have an Exit Plan Ready, wherein you make sure when you want to exit, what you want to do after you exit and how much money you need before you leave.  

I have been making and uploading content for 7 years now and I have seen social media changing and the use of social media increasing every day. When I started, there were very few people who were creating content and who had knowledge about this field but now there are so many people to learn from. Here are a few topics that I feel are important for you to know if you are planning to be a content creator as a full-time career.

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