Russia Ukraine War, Superpower, Future Wars And Everything About Geopolitics By Abhijit Chavda

Abhijit Chavda is an expert physicist, historian, extremely learned, and well-read man. It is always a delight to have him on the podcast. 

In this episode, our major focus was on geopolitics. 

I hope this blog is knowledgeable.


Russia, Ukraine War

“On February 24th, Russia invaded Ukraine. Everyone thought they would wipe out Ukraine, but they went in systematically. Russians were obeying traffic rules, and they did not destroy the communication lines. They had a rational plan of what they wanted. They encircled the capital of Ukraine, and eventually, they retreated from there”.


“Right now, they have captured 1/4th of Ukraine. It is larger than Bangladesh or Nepal. Ukraine is the second latest country in Europe”. 

“Most of the coastal regions of Ukraine have been taken down by Russia. It seems the aim was to cut off the coast of Ukraine. This war seems to be in planning for 5-10 years. The places were a part of Russian territory, and because of the circumstances of the disintegration of the USSR,  all these territories were taken away from Russia. Now it seems like they are trying to take that back”. 


China And Russia Alliance

“Russians have been coordinating with China. China and the U.S. have friction. However, this is not a long-term alliance. Russia and China are adversaries. As China rises, Russia will feel threatened”. 

“In Geopolitics, there is no real alliance. One thing people don’t realize, the largest power in Europe after Russia is the U.S. None of the western European countries have an independent foreign policy expert for France”. 


US control In European Countries

“At the end of world war 2, the US and the USSR were the victorious powers in Europe. Most of the fighting was done by the USSR. World war 2 ended, and the cold war started. The Americans have their military presence in many European countries. Germany has been under permanent US occupation since 1945. Germany is not a free country”.

“The UK is also a U.S. vassal state. Only France has maintained some kind of autonomy over the years”. 


What Happened To the British Empire?

“In the 1920s and 1930s, the UK was the British Empire, which encompassed most of the globe. But their empire was declining. After World war 2, the Empire continued but moved westwards. It moves from London to Washington DC. All the structure is the same, but it is operated by Washington”.



“Freemasons was a secret society, but they aren’t secret anymore. There are few aspects of freemasons open to all. Freemasons started maybe a Jewish secret society. They were persecuted in Europe in the middle ages, and that’s the reason they became secretive. It is alleged that they hold the reign of power in Europe and across the world. Many Indians were part of the Freemason society”.

“Swami Vivekanand and Motilal Nehru were the members of the Freemasons. When you look at the website of Freemasons, the Indian chapter, you will find the pictures of many Indians”.


“If the freemasons exist, they might reside in open sight, but they will not drive attention to themselves. They would be rich, and they would pretend to be powerless. They can be in continental Europe, western Europe, or North America”.  


US- The Superpower

The US is called a superpower because 

  • It can intervene anywhere in the world at 30 minutes\’ notice.
  • Its currency is the reserved currency, and it can cut any country from the global financial system. 



“NATO aims to maintain American superiority in Western Europe and the entire world. Nato was an anti-USSR alliance. They had promised Russia that they would not expand eastwards. But as the USSR broke, it started expanding”. 


Power Of Media

“Media is powerful. They can help the people in power to control your thoughts, ideas, and perceptions of people. If you control the media, you can make people believe whatever you want them to believe”.


Get To Know Zelensky


 “Zelensky is Jewish, yet Nazis have a free run. Various atrocities took place against Jews in Ukraine during World War 2. Stepan Bandera was a virulent Nazi, and today he is the national hero in Ukraine. They have the Azov regiment, which is the new nazi regiment. They are involved in the conflict. It is so strange a Jewish promoting Nazi people”.


Dark Side Of Leaders


“We know Putin is a dictator, authoritarian. We know his dark side. It is deceased in the media. But with Zelensky, they have built a brand. Russian channels and handles have been banned. We are seeing only one side of the narrative”.

“Americans are trying to position themselves as the good and Russians as the bad. It is very easy to sway people’s opinions. People want to root for the underdog”. 


Power Play Of America

“America talks about not harming civilians. In Dresden, America dropped bombs during world war 2. The entire city was burned down. People were burnt alive”.

“There was no need to drop bombs on the two destroyed cities of Japan. I guess they were trying to test the effect of nuclear radiation”. 

“In Vietnam, they have dropped bombs, the biological and chemical weapons. It causes birth defects even today. Mila massacre, they shot 300-400 people to death. The highway of death in Iraq. There is a whole list”.

“The Americans are not the only empire that has done this”.


Power Of America On Japan

“Japan has been under US military occupation since 1945. The constitution of Japan was written by Americans. There are a dozen of US military bases that the Japanese don’t want. Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan, wanted an independent foreign policy, he was talking about revising the constitution. He suddenly resigns saying he has health issues”. 

“In the 1980s, Japan had the second-largest economy. It was projected to surpass the US economy in a few years. Japan’s business model is being studied all over the world. Suddenly, the economy went into recession overnight. It is still not recovered. Society is crumbling and decaying. What happened overnight? Something went wrong”.


Unknown Fights In Yemen

“Yemen has been bombed every day by Saudi Arabia. Starving is happening. There is a humanitarian crisis but nobody cares because nobody is reporting”.


Changes That India Saw Because Of Narender Modi

“Since Modiji is in power, the perception of India has changed. He upholds national interest and met various world leaders for the same. Our relationship with Israel and Gulf countries has improved. Nowadays, Dr. S. Jaishankar is traveling the world and furthering India’s national interest”.


“Mr. Modi visits France regularly. There is a good relationship. India is one of the major geopolitical powers in the world. There have been dozens of International visits to India by diplomats, foreign ministers, and finance ministers. Indian diplomats are active”.  

“France has major Indo-Pacific naval power. It has multiple assets as territories in the Indian ocean. They have an independent foreign policy”. 

“Today the powers are America, China, Russia, India, and France”.


Truth About Russia Ukraine War

“There are several potential scenarios for World War 3. The US pushes hard in Ukraine, and Russia gets provoked. Putin is not a madman, as he is projected. He has governed his nation for two decades rationally. It was not the Russian who started the fight in Ukraine. America kept pushing them and they fired the first shot. The person who fires the first shot is the bad one”.


India’s Stand During War

“I don’t think we need to worry. Peace can only be earned through strength. India is building its strength. India is modernizing the military. Satellites and weapons are in our possession. We can counter China, as we know where their camps are. DRDO is researching new weapons ”. 


Reason Behind Terrorist Attacks In Kashmir

“In 1979, the USSR’s invasion of Afghanistan happened. That was an expansion of the sphere of influence of the enemy nation, the US. They started terrorist training programs in Pakistan. They provided unlimited funds and weaponry. For a decade, the plan was to wage a proxy war against the USSR in Afghanistan. Eventually, the USSR withdrew, and the American strategy worked”. 

“Once this ended, these terrorists were out of work as they only knew to fight. Then they were diverted to Kashmir. Terrorism was going on even before in Kashmir. But after the civil war in Afghanistan, they focused all the money and force on Kashmir. The money was being sent by the US. In 1989, the explosion of terrorist attacks started increasing”. 


Putin’s Work In Russia

“Putin came into power about a couple of decades ago. He came to power when his country was in ruins. The USSR was a collective society. The communist party was the custodian of people’s money. After the USSR broke, all the money came into the hands of Mr.Boris Yeltsin and he parceled this money to a few of his cronies. These people destroyed the industries. After he moved out, Putin came into power. He rebuilt the economy. After a decade, he built the military”.

“There is no evidence of him being unwell. We can’t trust the news. If he is unwell, I am sure he might have chosen who is going to succeed him”. 


Next War

“If something happens, it might happen in India- China or China-Taiwan. India- China might happen before 2024. I hope no war happens. But it might be one of these, Russia and Ukraine seem to be stable now”.


This was a very informative blog. I hope you have gained all the information. 

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