Love And S*x Through A Neuroscience Perspective By Sid Warrier

Everyone loves the idea of being loved and being in a beautiful, healthy relationship. This blog is all about understanding love, sex, hormones responsible for pleasure, etc. 

“Enjoy being single, to enjoy being in a relationship.” – Sid Warrier


Sid Warrier is a TRS all-star. He is a neurologist and a podcast host. In the past, we have had conversations about drugs and its effect. In this, we spoke about everything related to love and sex from the perspective of evolutionary psychology. 


Neuroscience Perspective On Orgasm

“People think of orgasms as the end, which is not true. There is a post-orgasmic phase, which is also a part of sex. Your oxytocin and vasopressin levels are high during this phase”.


Casual And Long term Sex 


“In long-term and casual sex, the neurochemistry might not be different, but your baseline hormone level changes over a period. The testosterone and oxytocin levels are different in both cases”.


Sex Hormones

“The four main sex hormones are testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and oxytocin. The fifth one is vasopressin. These are baseline hormones”. 


Understanding Oxytocin

“For a long time, oxytocin was seen to spike up in women during childbirth. Later on, it was found that oxytocin spikes up during sex, and much later, we even got to know that oxytocin is also spiking when a group of boys hugging each other, maybe after a match. Later on, we figured out oxytocin is overall necessary for bonding. Bonding between parent and children or friends or team members”.



“There are hormonal changes that happen during the cycle of a period. Hormones affect your state of mind. But not all women have the same symptoms. PMS is not just by hormones, it is also physical, mental, and environmental symptoms. But we cannot generalize this to say women are being hormonal. Even in guys, the hormone level affects.”.


How to Have A Successful Love Story?

“As consciousness evolves love evolves. The consciousness that you had as a 2-year-old is not the same as when you are 20 or in your 40s, which is why your love will also evolve with time”.


“I spoke to a few old couples. They said we are nothing like the people we were when we first met each other, and if we meet today, we might not fall in love with each other. We have constantly kept communicating\”.

\”There is no one-line answer for how to have a successful marriage. It is just a lot of hard work”.


I read one article that said the 3 signs of a successful relationship are:

  • Overlooking each other\’s minute flaws
  • Highlighting your partner\’s good traits
  • Independence. Let each other be and don’t focus on changing the qualities of your partner.


Why Do People Feel A Need To Find Love?

“When your oxytocin level is higher, you are less stressed. When you ask a single person why are they looking for somebody? Everyone has their own story, but the real reason is so deep down in your brain that you can’t access it. Even if you say you don’t want a relationship, your brain is still searching for someone”. 


Benefits Of Being In A Long-Term Relationship

“If you are in a long-term relationship, you keep growing as individuals in a relationship. All your flaws are highlighted, and you become better as a person. As you become better, you also become independent as a person. The perfect relationship will make you feel that you don\’t need a relationship”.



“Polyamory is being attracted to or having a sexual relationship with multiple people. In all societies, since human existence, polyamory and infidelity have been documented. From the beginning of time, the norm has been social monogamy and clandestine adultery where you explore in private”. 

“It completely depends on what you choose. There is nothing right or wrong here”. 


Being In Love

“There is a lot of similarity in love and addiction at the initial stage. Initially, when you find love, you have a dopamine rush. It is the same as when an alcoholic doesn’t drink for a month and then he suddenly takes a sip. He or she will find so much pleasure. Early love is the same, you are always looking for them and when they are around you, you feel complete”.

“Eventually we become more comfortable with that person, love evolves. The intensity changes. At the start it is addictive”.


Intense Love

“Love can make another person a part of you. This is why you feel possessive. This is the reason ‌break-ups hurt”. 


Selfishness Is Not Bad 

“Empathy often comes out of selfishness. It’s selfish to help people, to love people, and to grow with people. The more your partner grows, the more you grow. Being selfish is not a bad thing”.


I hope this blog helped you gain a neuroscientific perspective on love and sex.

Thank You.


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