10 Grooming Tips- For Healthy and Glowing Skin

You guys have always loved content around fashion so here are 10 grooming tips for you all. 


Tip 1- Focus on your diet

  • Focus on Alkaline food as it helps you improve your overall health.
  • Acid food and spicy foods tend to increase skin issues.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • The milk we consume in cities has steroids and antibiotics which affect our gut health.
  • Consume a lot of raw fruits and vegetables.


Tip 2- Wrong Supplementation

  • If you are vegetarian I would encourage you to consume protein shakes but different protein shakes have different effects on your body.
  • Try experimenting for a short time.


Tip 3- Consume Ash Gourd Juice

  • Ash gourd juice helps in cleaning your stomach. 
  • It has cooling effects on your body.
  • Ash gourd helps in flushing out toxins.


Tip 4- Grooming Routine


  • Wash your face twice a day.
  • Start using serums
  • Use Vitamin C


Tip 5- Pranayam Everyday

  • Practise Kalpalbhati everyday
  • Practise Anulom Vilum everyday
  • Breath in with count, and hold and breathe out with the same count.


Tip 6- Yoga

  • Focus on yoga to increase flexibility.
  • Yoga helps to improve bone health.


Tip 7- Reduce Stress

  • Increase in stress can increase the level of cortisol level.
  • Higher cortisol levels affect your skin.

Get a good amount of sleep.


Tip 8- Fats

  • Focus on getting good fats.


Tip 9- Sweat those Toxin Outs

  • Practise Cardio or play but make sure to sweat out and through the toxin out of your body. 


Tip 10- Bio- Individuality

  • Everyone’s skin is different
  • Experiment and get to know your skin better


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