India Under The Modi Government

We have had a lot of Geo-Political conversations with Abhijit Chavda, but we have never touched upon India and the Modi government.

Abhijit Chavda is an expert physicist, historian, and an extremely learned and well-read man. One of the most knowledgeable humans I\’ve had the pleasure to talk to. He is also a Public Speaker, a Youtuber, and a widely influential personality on Twitter.

In this, we discussed all the false narratives, criticism, and improvements done by the government.


What Is Happening Around the World?

“The world is changing rapidly. There is a multipolar world right now. The U.S. is seeking a bipolar world, whereas China is seeking a Unipolar world. There is a tussle between the three different world views, and it would be interesting to see who would come on top.”


World War 3 Still A Possibility?

“I hope not. But there is still a possibility. There are multiple frictional points. We all know about what happened in Taiwan. There is a slow war in Ukraine, and the tension between the U.S. and India is increasing. China is constantly poking India.”


Will India Be The Next Superpower?

“There is a visible decline in the U.S. The economy is stagnating, and they are having an issue with leadership. One clear thing is the way things are going on. It might be the Indian century based on how things are going now.”


Growing Indian Economy

“Our economy is booming because of the pandemic. In the first quarter of 2022, our economy grew by 13.6%. It may not be sustainable, but even if India’s economy increases by 8% per year, by 2027, our GDP will be around 5 trillion dollars. But by 2030-2032, we might reach 10 trillion dollars. Once India reaches 10 Trillion dollars, we will be unstoppable.”


“All the money made or mining and all, it all boils down to power. Power is all about people who obey you. Influence is not power. Power is all about control.”


The Modi Government

 “The current government came into power in 2014, and India had gone through a decade of stagnation before 2014. The nation was sick and tired. Then Modiji was projected as a candidate. He had a strong record of turning around Gujrat into one of the most rapidly developing states. He came into power with a majority.”

\"\"BJP Winning The Election Again

“The policies he implemented were good in the first term, so he was re-elected. He implemented a policy that was nation-centric. He has focused on the military and the economy. It has taken time to get things going because the population is huge.” 


Is Mr. Modi A Dictator?

“Mr. Modi is an extremely popular leader. People compare him to Hitler and Mussolini. They put people in concentration camps. We didn’t hear any news about Mr. Modi doing it. There are issues and chaos, but it is much better than the U.S. We have democracy.”


“We had kings and queens in the past, and they did a good job. We are experimenting with democracy. How far it succeeds is what we need to know. India is the birthplace of democracy which had elected kings and queens. They could be deposed if they didn’t perform.”


“Right now, India has numerous external interference. Americans engage with politicians not just at the central level but also at the state level. It is the 21st century of divide and rule. Mr. Modi has to deal with these issues.”


“Mr. Modi is planning the long-term game. Hide your capabilities and bid your time. Working hard and strengthening yourself is the policy Modiji is working on.”


Who Will be The Next Prime Minister?

“Mr. Modi has this unofficial rule that once you reach the age of 75, you got to step back from the leadership position and take an advisory position. So he might step down.”

“So, it could be either Mr. Amit Shah or Mr. Yogi. Mr. Yogi has good experience handling M.P. Mr. Amit Shah is his home ministry, and he has good knowledge, so I think one of these two might be the Prime Minister if Mr. Modi steps down.”

\"\"Minorities In India

“When the Arabic conquest of Persia happened, the Persians were converted to Arabic. A few of them thought about preserving their religion and came to India. They didn’t go to any other country. They knew they would be welcomed in India. They were given land in India. They were just told to adapt to the language, and no one is persecuted.”

“Jews also came and settled in India. They continue to live and follow their tradition. They are always respected. Even when the Chinese occupied Tibet, The Tibetans came to India. India always has an open door policy.”


“There are tensions between Hindus and Muslims because of the past. But, there is no prosecution or operation against Muslims. Muslims have far more rights in India when compared to Pakistan. In India, everybody is accepted. Minorities have more rights in India compared to majorities. Minories have first-class states in India. It is just a false narrative.”


Developing India

“Everyone needs to work towards nation-building. We need to focus on railways, infrastructure, and highways. That will create more employment opportunities. We can produce and even export to improve the economy. We are working towards it, but we should build and connect the tier-two and tier-three cities.”

\"\" “Dr. Jai Shankar is one of the most brilliant diplomats in the world. The same thing goes for Mr. Gadkari. He is in charge of infrastructure development. 30-40 km of highways are being built a day in India. Mr. Modi knows what kind of people to pick.”


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