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We welcome Gauranga Das to enlighten us with his knowledge of Spirituality and Life. He is an IIT Engineer turned Monk known for being a leadership consultant, corporate coach, inspirational speaker, and more. He worked for the Kirloskars before becoming a Monk, after which he joined ISKON, Mumbai.  

Gauranga Das shared some beautiful aspects of spirituality, including the meaning of Swadharma, Karma, Seven Heavenly Planets, the Journey of the Soul according to Garud Puran, Past Life, Rebirth, and more. He also shared his experience of a near-death incident and how he perceived the whole event. 

The conversation with Gauranga Das was intense and philosophical. You will gain different perspectives every time you read it.

I hope you will enjoy this conversation.

Loving What You Do

“When you do something you like, it is like drinking hot sugarcane juice. You love drinking it as it is sweet, but when it is hot, it burns you. So it is a dilemma. You want to work more, but there is limited time and energy to manage.”


“Dharma comes from a Sanskrit word that means to hold. Swadharma means your duty is based on your nature and situation. Your Swadharma with your family is different than your Swadharma with your occupation. But even though you are in sync with your Swadharma, you can negotiate out of a situation when circumstances change.”

Sanatan Dharma

“One of the biggest reasons for fear and anxiety in this world is change. Change is the root cause of it. As situations change, our identity changes. Change that we experience in life creates trauma. People are experiencing deeper life crises because they are not equipped to anchor themselves in the mists of this change.”

“When things don’t go as per plan, we realize that we can’t manipulate anything based on what we want. And in situations like this, we realize there is a power greater than us. Ishwar has been defined in different ways in all religions. And when the soul tries to establish a relationship with Ishwar, it is known as yoga. When the soul realizes that the bond with Ishwar is eternal, you know you have dharma towards him. You establish this relationship with your supreme father through prayer and service known as Sanatan Dharma.”

About Death

“Growing up, I was always searching for the answer to death. You have three types of coaches in life- Life coach, business coach, and monk. Life and business coaches only help you till death. So I was intrigued if we could plan a journey after death.”

“After that, I started reading the Gita and started understanding death is not a problem but a doorway to the next destination.”

“Gita identifies the soul as eternal and death as the crossroad. After that, I started practicing the process and chanting.”

About His Accident

“In November 1993, I was traveling in a car and was in the passenger seat. The driver loved fast driving, so we were at speed on the western express highway. A truck was moving ahead of us. The truck driver saw a space between the divider and decided to take a turn, and in the next 5-10 sec, we were about to hit. The driver did his best, but as we were moving towards the truck. I could see myself close to death.”

“The vehicle hit the truck. The roof came down, and my body had glass pieces all over. Somehow I survived. The driver was trapped, but people did pull him out. He also survived. I saw my face in the mirror, and I was horrified looking at my face. The next day we had to visit the police station to identify the vehicle. And the policeman could not believe we survived and that is when I realized, I had been saved and had some purpose. And that is when I decided to completely devotee my life to Lord Krishan.”

Journey Of The Soul

“Journey of the soul after death can be planned and curated with the right practice. In this fourteen-planetary system, below the Patal Lok, there are hellish planets as described by Bhagat Purana. The fourteen planetary systems are divided based on consciousness. We are in the middle of it. Depending on your karma, you will go into the upper planetary system that is heaven, or below that is hell.”

Battling Tough-Times

“The world needs something like Level Supermind. Just imagine when a group of transformed people connect, they will transform the world. This age is known as the Age of Kali. The characteristics of this Yuga are quarrels, hypocrisy, and conflict. The fundamental of this is the rising of the ego. Therefore from us, the narrative goes to me, and that’s why the conflicts increase. In the amid negativity, I would say the way to remain like a lotus.  Divide your 24 hours into two segments of 12 hours each. Your morning 9-9 should be about giving, and the next 12 hours should be for yourself. And the study of scriptures at that time will work as a mirror. Studying these scriptures gives you a thought you are not alone who is going through it.”

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