Rajarshi Returns – Practical Tantra, Bhairav Worship & Spiritual Romance

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n today’s episode, Shri Rajarshi Nandy returns to The Ranveer Show, to share his incredible knowledge of Spiritualism with our listeners. He is an upasaka, an adherent of the Sanatan Dharma. He is also an author, columnist, and writer on matters related to Hindu spirituality apart from guiding people into the path of sadhana.

He has also co-authored a paper on tantra and modern neuroscience. In this conversation, Rajarshi Nandy sir explored the depth of spirituality and how it can change our lives for better or for worse. He talked about the connection of our Past Life with the Present and how it defines our spiritual growth, what is the Actual Purpose of our Lives, how the deities came into existence, what is the present Reality of Nagas & more. He further explained the True and Superior form of Shiva and how it is different from the one that we worship. He also delves into worshipping the Deadliest form of Shiva – Bhairava and how it can affect our lives.

The last time I recorded with Rajarshi sir, we spoke about many dark topics. This time, we went deep into Shiva.


“The moon changes its phases. It is Krishna Paksha when the moon is diminishing, and when there is a bright fortnight, it is known as Shukla Paksha. The angular distance between the moon and the earth forms a tithi. The elements that are used in Jyotisha and the festivals on the Hindu calendar are based on these tithi. There is Poornima, and then there is Amavasya, and Asthami is the eighth tithi. Some deities’ energy becomes active on these tithi. It doesn’t matter if you are not an Upasaka. If you are practicing, you will be pulled back into that path.”

Spiritual Journey

“Whether you are meditating, chanting the mantra, or practicing something else, you are trying to connect to the energy of that deity. All of these are forms of devotion. You can do things your deity likes, so eventually, the deity will notice you. You are never cut off from the past or present. You are a moment in the continuum of time. You will feel a natural tendency towards the deity in your next life. Nature doesn’t want you to have a biased nature toward anyone, so you don’t remember your past life.”

“Nothing good in life is achieved without hard work. If you see someone who has achieved spiritual growth suddenly, they have worked for it in their past lives. You need to keep practicing. It is like a dam being held, and one day nature will decide to reward it. It is a process and not a miracle.”

“There is a part of humans that can go into the lower or darker realms, and there is also a part of humans that can manifest the gods while you are still alive, theoretically. For average human beings, it is easy to connect to deities.”


“Kailash is one of the peaks where you can’t climb to the top. It is a religious belief, and you can go up to a certain level. A deity is an energy that has no physical presence. The deities in the minds of the rishis and masters served as inspiration for the depiction of the gods that we know today.”

“There are multiple lineages of Lord Shiva. The equation with Rudra has to be partially monistic and partially dualistic. Each of these forms has its specifications. Bhairava is terrifying, while Shiva is calm. One more form of Lord Shiva worshipped in South India is Somaskanda, a family man.”

“Dharma is called Sanatan because of the practices which were done thousands of years ago, and if you follow the same things, you will still get results. It is the deities who do things. Bhairava Baba is my favorite deity. My guru gave me the mantra and told me to chant. At that time, I was an atheist. I did chant it for a long time, but it didn’t work. Then my guru suggested making a promise and follow certain rules. I tried it without any expectation, and after 40 days, I suddenly saw nine cars with Bhairava, and then I saw his presence in my room. One manifestation of him is that he is terrifying.”

“Bhairav Baba faces you with certain truths that your mind is pushing into the background. He will put you in situations that you are scared of. He brings about some changes. The world is Maya, and you are also Maya. And anything you have attached to yourself is going to cause you pain. When you are scared, and there is a cry from within, that is where Bhairava comes in.”

“It is very circumstantial to find a partner on the same wavelength spiritually. Finding the perfect partner is rare. The greatest yogis had bad married lives. Unless you are tired of the world, how the hell would you want to move beyond it? Pain will come into your life.”


“Snakes are critical and powerful symbolism, specifically at certain levels of spirituality. It is not a coincidence that Shiva has a snake around his neck, Lord Vishnu lies on snakes. Snakes have a peculiar Shakti. There are two terms used for snakes in Sanskrit: Naga and Sarpa. Cultural memories say snakes or snakes like being had exceptional powers. It is attracted to people with extreme spiritual energy. Even poisonous snakes are calm around such beings—something beyond our realm.”

“I can’t say what happened to Nagas. But they were powerful reptilian beings and had a lot of occult power. They could manifest the powers that great saints took years to attain. They had a lot of evolved spiritual knowledge. Even today, if a snake comes to you and you get scared, they know you are not stable. Even when you have Naga Dosha, you have a particular pooja to get done.”

“Snakes are individualistic creatures. They are not friendly as such. They are introverts. Harming snakes has repercussions. Let them be in their natural setting, and if they come into your area, call animal control. There is something known as Naga mani. Leave science aside for this; if a Naga lives for very long, they develop a mani, and if that comes into your hand, you will achieve insane success.”

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