The Mystical World of Tantra, Aghoris, Siddhis, and Past Lives

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Bhavesh Bhimanathani shares his amazing spiritual journey and knowledge on spirituality. He is a teacher and a devotee of Lord Shiva and his Guru. He is certified by reputed institutions like Kaivalyadhama, Swami Rudradev Yoga Centre, and Yoga Alliance and has 6+ years of experience in teaching. He also founded the Mumbai-based yoga group “Yoga Virtually”. Bhavesh Bhimanathani shared the experience of Meeting his Guru, the Real Tantric Practices that he witnessed, meeting Aghoris, learning about how past life affects people, Sadhana, the spiritual angle in tattoos, and more.

The Profound Essence of Tantra

Bhavesh delves deep into tantra, describing it as more than just esoteric rituals. It’s a path that transcends the physical, leading to spiritual awakening. He speaks of the tantalizing experiences one can achieve, likening them to the sweet nectar that gives spiritual goosebumps. However, he also cautions against extreme practices, such as self-inflicted pain or tongue-cutting, which some undertake in their spiritual quests.

Aghoris: The Fearless Seekers

The Aghoris, often misunderstood, are fearless seekers who embrace life and death with equal reverence. Bhavesh sheds light on their practices, emphasizing their deep devotion to Shiva and Kali. Their rituals, often seen as taboo, are a testament to their unwavering faith and their journey toward spiritual liberation.

Siddhis: The Divine Powers

Siddhis, or divine powers, are spiritual gifts that come with dedicated practice and devotion. Bhavesh touches upon the significance of these powers, explaining that while they can be a testament to one’s spiritual progress, they should not become the end goal. The true essence of spirituality lies in self-realization and union with the divine.

Past Lives and Their Shadows

According to Bhavesh, our past lives leave imprints on our present existence. These karmic residues can influence our choices, behaviors, and even spiritual journeys. Understanding and acknowledging these past life effects can pave the way for healing and spiritual growth.

The Spiritual Significance of Tattoos

Tattoos, often seen from a cosmetic or fashion perspective, hold a deeper spiritual significance. Bhavesh believes that tattoos can be storehouses of power, especially when they resonate with one’s spiritual journey. He shares his personal experience with tattoos, revealing that his right hand is dedicated to Shiva, and his left hand represents Shakti.

The Power of Mantras and Chanting

Mantras, when chanted with devotion and understanding, can be transformative. Bhavesh highlights the power of the “Om” mantra, which, when chanted correctly, can remove the fear of death and strengthen the physical body. He also discusses the significance of other mantras and their association with specific chakras in the body.

The Divine Connection: Shiva and Kali

Bhavesh’s devotion to Shiva and Kali is evident throughout the conversation. He believes that Shiva is incomplete without Kali, emphasizing the essence of their divine connection. He also touches upon the various forms of Kali and the significance of understanding her true nature.

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