Behind The Scenes With ​Think School – Untold Truths About Indian Content Creation

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In this episode of our podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting Ganesh Prasad from Think School, a channel that has rapidly gained respect in the Indian YouTube community. Our conversation delved into the nuances of content creation in India, offering a raw and human perspective on the journey of a YouTuber.

The Journey of Indian Content Creators

We began by discussing the challenges and opportunities for content creators in India, particularly for female creators. I shared insights about the disproportionate demand and supply in the content creation space, emphasizing the vast potential for women in this field. We also touched upon the societal conditioning that often hinders the ambition and confidence of women, affecting their participation in content creation and the workforce.

Breaking Societal Norms and Pursuing Ambition

Our conversation shifted to the importance of breaking free from societal norms and parental expectations to pursue one’s true ambitions. We reflected on our personal journeys, highlighting the need to experiment, fail, and learn in order to find one’s path. This part of the discussion was particularly inspiring, as it showcased the transformative power of ambition and resilience.

The Economic Impact of Women’s Safety

We delved into the broader implications of women’s safety in India, discussing how incidents of violence against women not only have social repercussions but also significantly impact the economy. The conversation highlighted the need for a safer environment for women, which would enable greater participation in the workforce and contribute to the country’s GDP.

The Unique Challenges of Mumbai

Our discussion took a turn toward the unique challenges and opportunities presented by Mumbai, a city known for its dreams and ambitions. We talked about the sacrifices and diversions that come with living in such a dynamic city, including the risks of spiraling into unhealthy lifestyles due to the availability of drugs, alcohol, and other distractions.

Gratitude for Content Creation

I expressed my gratitude for the world of content creation, contrasting it with the traditional film industry. We discussed how content creation offers a more sustainable and efficient way of making money, with a much larger pie available compared to the film industry. This part of the conversation was a testament to the power and potential of new-age media.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, this podcast episode was a deep dive into the realities of content creation in India. It offered a unique perspective on the challenges faced by creators, the societal factors influencing content creation, and the transformative journey of a YouTuber. The conversation with Ganesh Prasad was not only enlightening but also a raw and human exploration of the content creation landscape in India.

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