Modi Ji, Maldives, India Vs. China | All-Star Abhijit Chavda On 2024 Geopolitical Update

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Abhijit Chavda is a theoretical physicist, historian, geopolitical analyst, writer, and podcaster with a diverse knowledge of various subjects. I have had the fortune of talking to him on multiple episodes that we did on TRS.


Hey everyone, Ranveer here from The Ranveer Show (TRS). In this episode, we’re joined by the legendary Abhijit Chavda for a special on geopolitics. This episode is a comprehensive update on the global geopolitical landscape as of 2024. We cover a wide range of topics, from the ongoing wars to the shifting dynamics in global alliances. It’s not just for Indians; we’ve touched upon stories from all over the world.

Global Geopolitical Overview

2024 is a year of significant elections globally, including in Bangladesh, India, Russia, and the USA. We’re witnessing wars in the Middle East and Ukraine and tensions in regions like China-Taiwan and India-China borders. The situation in Ukraine is particularly dire, with Russia dominating the war and the Ukrainian Armed Forces in a horrific state.

Africa’s Geopolitical Chessboard

Africa, often overlooked, is a hotbed of geopolitical activity. The Sahel region, rich in resources like uranium, is witnessing a power shift from Western (primarily French) influence to a more Russian and Chinese dominance. This shift is evident in countries like Niger, where a recent coup has brought a pro-Russia government to power, impacting France’s access to cheap uranium and challenging the construction of the trans-Saharan gas pipeline.

BRICS Expansion and Middle East Dynamics

BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) has expanded with new members like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ethiopia, and Egypt. This expansion reflects a significant shift in global alliances, with traditionally Western-aligned countries moving closer to BRICS nations. The Middle East, particularly nations like Saudi Arabia and UAE, are showing a strong inclination towards India, indicating a shift in their foreign policy and strategic alliances.

The Middle East Conflict and Drone Warfare

The conflict in the Middle East, especially between Israel and Hamas, has escalated. This conflict highlights the growing significance of drone warfare, which is reshaping military strategies globally. The affordability and effectiveness of drones pose new challenges to traditional defense systems, as seen in the recent drone attack in Abu Dhabi.

Iran’s Growing Influence

Iran’s influence in the Middle East is expanding, supported by significant Chinese investment and a strategic partnership with Russia. This influence is evident in various regions, including Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen, where Iran-backed groups are increasingly active.


As we navigate through 2024, the world is witnessing a period of intense geopolitical shifts and uncertainties. From Africa to the Middle East, and the expanding BRICS coalition, the global power dynamics are evolving rapidly. It’s crucial to stay informed and understand these changes as they shape our world’s future.

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