The Socially Acceptable Poison

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This is another medical and science-related podcast where we welcome Dr. Abby Philips popularly known as “Liver Doc” again on the TRS platform. He is an Indian hepatologist and clinician-scientist known for his critical views of alternative medicine. He has a wide social media presence where he discusses his findings and research works on the negative effects of alternative medicines.


In this special episode of the podcast, we embark on a comprehensive exploration of alcohol, a substance I describe as a “socially acceptable poison.” This discussion is not just about the biological effects of alcohol on the liver but also delves into the broader societal and personal ramifications of alcohol consumption. It’s a topic that touches almost everyone, whether you’re a drinker or not, making it a crucial conversation for our times.

The Biological Impact of Alcohol

The episode kicks off with a stark comparison between feminine and masculine livers, highlighting how significantly less alcohol it takes for women to develop liver diseases compared to men. This segues into the dangers of alcohol consumption during pregnancy, emphasizing the long-term effects on the unborn child, which can include developmental issues stemming from alcohol exposure.

A particularly eye-opening part of the discussion revolves around the treatment of alcohol hepatitis through stool transplantation, a procedure that has seen an 88% survival rate without the need for a liver transplant. This innovative treatment underscores the severe physical toll that excessive alcohol consumption can take on the body, leading to life-threatening conditions.

The Psychological and Social Dimensions

The conversation takes a turn to the psychological and social aspects of drinking. We reflect on our personal journeys from being heavy drinkers to teetotalers, providing a unique perspective on the allure and dangers of alcohol. The podcast doesn’t shy away from discussing the role of alcohol in urban societies, where drinking culture is often a byproduct of the stresses of modern life. This part of the discussion is crucial for understanding the complex interplay between mental health and alcohol consumption.

A Broader Perspective on Alcohol

We also touch upon the historical and cultural significance of alcohol, noting its presence in human society for centuries and even in religious scriptures. This historical context adds depth to the conversation, illustrating how ingrained alcohol is in human culture and the challenges that come with attempting to moderate its consumption in modern times.

Personal Stories and Scientific Insights

The episode is peppered with personal anecdotes and scientific insights, making the discussion relatable yet informative. We share our own experiences with alcohol, from our first encounters to the decision to become teetotalers, and how these experiences have shaped our understanding of alcohol’s impact.

Conclusion: A Call to Awareness and Action

In conclusion, this episode serves as a powerful reminder of the multifaceted impact of alcohol. It’s a call to awareness and action, encouraging listeners to consider their relationship with alcohol and its effects not just on their health but on society at large. Whether you’re someone looking to moderate your drinking habits or simply interested in the broader implications of alcohol consumption, this conversation offers valuable insights and perspectives.

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