Introduction to the Guest: Nilesh Nilkanth Oak


Join us on this fascinating episode of The Ranveer Show, featuring Nilesh Nilkanth Oak, an esteemed author and researcher specializing in ancient Indian history. In this episode, Oak delves into the intricate historical and astronomical contexts of the Mahabharata and Ramayana, uncovering lost histories and exploring India’s vast cultural heritage.

Significance of Ancient Texts:

Nilesh discusses the rich tapestry of India’s ancient epics, linking them with astronomical data and geological events like the Toba explosion and the Younger Dryas impact. He provides compelling evidence on how these texts encapsulate real historical and astronomical knowledge, preserved through millennia.

Insights into the Mahabharata:

Oak elaborates on the geographic expanse of ancient India during the Mahabharata, extending from modern-day Indonesia to Syria, indicating a much larger cultural and political landscape than traditionally understood. He shares groundbreaking research on the chronology of the Mahabharata, supported by genetic and archaeological evidence.

Revisiting the Ramayana:

Discussing the Ramayana, Oak touches on the architectural and technological descriptions within the texts, such as the Vimanas—ancient flying machines—which he correlates with detailed descriptions of aerospace technology.

The Role of Astronomy in Indian Epics:

He underscores the significance of the ancient text Surya Siddhanta and its connection to the epics, highlighting how these texts align with known astronomical configurations and events, demonstrating the advanced scientific knowledge of ancient civilizations.

This episode with Nilesh Nilkanth Oak not only revisits the historical narratives of the Mahabharata and Ramayana but also illuminates the profound integration of science and spirituality in ancient Indian culture. Watch the full episode for a comprehensive understanding of India’s lost history and the truths behind its legendary epics.

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