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Networking Hacks of 2022

The people you surround yourself with and work with will define your Net-worth in 2022. Always remember, Network is your Net-worth.

It doesn’t matter if you are a corporate employee or a freelancer, the only way to earn more is through networking.

In this blog, I will discuss Networking hacks to use in 2022 to grow your Net-worth 10x times.

Be a Person of Value

  • People will network with you when they realize what value you can bring to the table.
  • Learn from the experienced and valuable people around you.


Meeting Hacks

  • In the first meeting with a successful person, go with no Agenda.
  • Focus on the bonding.
  • Focus on the personality.
  • Implement the ‘No asshole’ rule.
  • Be a friend, then break the ice.

Always be curious

  • It’s Okay to give more importance to others and learn from them.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions.
  • Demonstrate curiosity.
  • It will help you find more opportunities in different industries.



  • Always send an appreciation message/email after your first meeting.
  • Focus 50% on bonding and 50% on discussing career/business perspectives.
  • It will help you know if you can work with the person for a longer period.

Fast execution strength

  • Always execute fast after the meeting regarding what has been discussed in the meeting.
  • It shows your interest and how focused you are on making things happen.



  • Collaboration is the key to growth.
  • LinkedIn and Twitter are the Networking weapons of 2022.


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    I’m an introvert at start because of that I’m weak in networking but I’m sure this information is gonna help me next time…

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    As always, packed with important tips and extremely precise! I have a query, How do I subscribe to your blog?

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