Cold War, America Becoming The Super Power, And Will China Become a Superpower?

Are we heading to a Nuclear war? Will China become a superpower? Is Mr. Putin the reason for the massive growth of Russia?

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Truth Behind The World War

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After The World War II


“At the end of the second world war, the world became rapidly polarized. The European power was no longer at the peak of its strength. The two major powers that emerged were the United States and the USSR. In the U.S, there was a lot of money. The USSR didn’t have that much money, but a lot of industries were coming up. The European continent was divided into east and west, and this was the start of the cold war. It was a battle for ideological supremacy and geopolitical supremacy between US and USSR”.


What are Communism, Capitalism, and Socialism?

  • Capitalism: It is all about making money, exploiting the world, and making quarter upon quarter profits. The aim is to make profits. 
  • Communism: It is an idea that no one owns property. The property should belong to the state that represents the people. You have a dictatorship over the workers. In a communist society, a few people have all the power.
  • Socialism: It is a form of soft communism. All the schemes are for poor people. You may own property, but the state can take it away. 


Is it all about the chase of money?

“It is control of resources, territory, power, and money. You need all this to come on the top. The leaders might say they stand for one of these things, but in the end, you need all of these”.


India Under The Leadership Of Nehru

“India was offered a permanent seat in the UN security council by the U.S and the Soviets, but Mr. Nehru refused it. The Americans even offered India nuclear weapons technology before the Indo-China war. If India would have accepted these weapons, we would have been in the U.S. camp. But, we could have prevented China from attacking us. Mr. Nehru was a firm believer in socialism, but he didn\’t take any step toward it. In Nehru’s period, the growth was just one or two percent which could have been 15-20% per year”.


If India Had A Different Leader

“If India had a different leader, with a different ideology, India would probably be in the western bloc. But, depending on the leadership, we could have been independent of foreign policies with few benefits from the west. But the economic trajectory that we took was bad. Maybe we could have taken another path”.


Technology Race

“Many technological races were going on. The Americans were the first to detonate a nuclear weapon and used it in war. Germans were the pioneers of missile technology during world war II. When the Germans surrendered, the Americans acquired these missiles, and some of the German scientists moved to the U.S. The American space program has a German origin. The soviets also acquired what was left of the German scientists, and the soviet space program began. They were the second nation to have a nuclear test. The soviets transferred this technology to China”. 


“Russians were the first to send satellite and human being into space. America sent the first man to the moon”.

“Space race is about keeping up with the military. There was always a fear that the other side will overtake us”.


Nuclear War Might Not Happen

“There was the progress of technology tremendously. It also brought the world to the brink of disaster. Even now, we have a massive amount of nuclear weapons. Once you have equal amounts of nuclear weapons on both sides, it is called mutually assured destruction. Nobody wants to use them because if one nuclear missile is launched, another will launch 10, and it will go on”.


If Nuclear War Happens

 “If one or two nuclear bombs are dropped, there won’t be much of a problem. But if a thousand nuclear weapons are detonated, it will cause damage to the ground and people\’s life. This amount of radiation in the air could poison the atmosphere, and it will cause a health hazard worldwide because the atmospheric current will rapidly transfer that across the planet”.


Why China Cannot Be A Superpower?


“In my definition, a superpower is a nation that can intervene militarily at any place in the world within 30 minutes\’ notice. The only nation that can do it is the U.S. currently. So, I don’t think China is anywhere close to being a superpower at least till 2050. It is the most powerful Asian nation. It is an aspiring superpower”.


How Did America Win Cold War?

“There was a chain of events. The soviets will call it a dilution of ideology. After Stalin died, a couple of leaders came, and each leader made certain ideological concessions toward the west. America always was like we are superior, we don’t have any weaknesses. The soviets started showing weaknesses. Chernobyl happened that kind of blew the international prestige of the USSR. Long story short, Mr. Gorbachev, the former president of the Soviets, lost his hold on power, and various Soviet republics like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine declared independence. There was an economic decline as well”.


Secret Service

“The former head of the Indian Research and Analysis Wing (R.A.W.) Vikram Sood has written a book: The Unending Game. So the secret services and sending spies into the enemy territory is a never-ending game. You want to know everything that the other side knows and want to predict and anticipate their next move. Every major country has an intelligence agency. The Pakistanis have ISI, Indians have RAW, Americans have FBI, Israelis have Mossad, Russia, China, and France have their version of secret services”.


Putin Is The Reason For The Rise Of Russia?

“Mr. Putin came into power after Mr. Yeltsin’s health started declining. Putin turned out to be a strong nationalist and wanted to revive the Russian power. He rebuilt the Russian economy and the military. As Russia has become powerful, they are trying to bring back the parts that were originally a part of Russia”.


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