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In an episode of The Ranveer Show, we have Shilpa Shetty Kundra. She has been around for quite some time and most of us are well aware of her fitness journey. Shilpa Shetty Fit India is a mission that looks at making India a fitter and healthier country. Today she shares her journey through this conversation. Meditation and fitness are key points in her life right now. She mentions that her mother has been a very big part of her journey and so has her family. If you’ve ever wondered how Shilpa Shetty maintains that glowing skin, this is the blog for you. She also covers how to manifest whatever you desire. 

I\’ve interviewed a bunch of people by now but this lady carries an AURA around her. Brightens up the room, brightens up people\’s hearts and only spreads positivity & warmth. 

But also keep in mind, she\’s the creator of a glorious media career followed by a victorious entrepreneurship career. But through the LONG journey, she hasn\’t let go of who she is.

You know how they say \’Your external world becomes a reflection of your internal world\’?

This conversation will solidify that belief in your mind. If you want to witness the power of spiritual thought processes in \”practical\” action – Read this blog.

Some of the aspects of Shilpa Shetty\’s mind that have multiplied her success (and happiness) over the years:-

– Business acumen

– Genuine Humility

– Strong Sense of a SPIRITUAL goal

– Highly developed \’intuition\’ or \’6th sense\’

– Powerful family values

– Innocent love for her spouse and son

– Respect for all living creatures

Shilpa Shetty Kundra and I sit together to discuss physical and mental fitness, vegetarianism, and intuition along with loads of positivity.


Shilpa Shetty is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Indian women. Her beauty is eternal, it has grown with age. When asked about the secret to her radiating beauty, she said, \”I think that beauty is skin-deep. I\’m more for you know, focusing on what\’s important and that\’s the inside. If the inside is clean it will reflect on the outside. I think clean, I eat clean, and that kind of radiates on the outside.\”

According to her, beauty is not rocket science. It is said that you are what you eat and it is the same application in her life. She made some modifications in her eating habits, like practicing intermittent fasting and giving up all refined foods. Moreover, she has also turned into a pescetarian (a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish). She adds, \”I\’m 95 percent vegetarian and maybe 5 percent pescetarian. I don\’t crave it anymore. The shift happened very slowly, consistently, and very gradually.

It\’s the kind of food that you choose to eat that decides on how you look the next day.\”

A few years ago, I also turned into a pescetarian and eventually vegetarian. I strongly believe that it is the meditation that changes the biology of your body and then your body requests you to stop.



Spirituality according to the ancient yogic definition of it boils down to living simply, living positively, and living in calm about everything that\’s going on. I think spirituality is one of those things that anyone can apply.

Her take on spirituality is that it has something to do with belief and faith. It has nothing to do with a particular kind of religion. It means faith in the better good and that just makes you evolve as a better version of yourself.

Spirituality is handed down to her from her mother. Her mother has been practicing meditation for a long time. She adds, \”Sometimes in a conversation, I would see her hands move and she was praying. She prays for people that are not even family. She feels somebody is suffering and she\’ll pray for them. That kind of unconditional love is very difficult to  find this time in an age.\”


Shilpa Shetty has always continued to work outside acting. She launched her popular yoga DVDs, a YouTube cooking channel that has around 2.74 million subscribers. She has also appeared as a reality show judge and turned into what few Bollywood actresses have set their sights on after stepping back from the screen, an entrepreneur.

Her portfolio has a myriad of businesses: a successful fitness app, high-end restaurants, and even a clothing line. It was recently revealed that she invested US $250,000 in Mamaearth, a start-up for baby care products.

I asked her, what is going on in her whole business career because that\’s a very active part of her life. She is very low-key about it. People don\’t know how much into the business she is. I also feel she is the kind of person who becomes a different person, when she puts her glasses on.

She says,\”I don\’t consider myself someone with business acumen. I\’m not trying to be humble. What I have is intuition and what I have is a very clear sense of direction in my head of where I see myself or what I think I need to do.\”

Elaborating on intuition she says,\”Intuition is that flicker, that the minute you see something you gauge your feeling or your intuition on it and then what happens is that we lose focus and then we go into due diligence, whether this is right for us or not. But that is the instance that you see that situation or the thing that you want to delve into and that instant is the truth.

So if I like a business in the face of it I will approach the guys and I\’ll say that I want to buy a stake in it.\”



What does a normal day in the life of Shilpa Shetty look like?

She begins her day by expressing gratitude for being alive, even healthy and the last thing I do is again the same to express gratitude.

She wakes up at 6:30 normally and it ends by around 11:00 – 11:30. Meditation happens just before she goes to bed. She says,\”Whatever happens, however tired I am, it doesn\’t stop me from meditating for those last 15 minutes of the day.\”

The advice she would like to give someone who is just starting with meditation is to start slowly and just consciously try to just blank your mind.

For her, meditation is beautiful but it\’s not easy. She explains, \”It gives you that calm to deal with even difficult situations. There\’s so much happening that you need a sense of calm at some point. You need a place where you can find it and that place is within yourself. You don\’t need to leave the country or you know to go to a holiday destination to find calm. It\’s there within you. You just need to tap or rather knock on that door that happens in your meditation. So yeah that is the one place I find myself.\”



I asked her about how she deals with toxic people. If she consciously chooses and cuts them off.

She laughingly says,\”I have very few friends and while people think that I\’m very friendly, I embrace everyone that comes into my life, make them feel very loved, and then I take a step back and I close the door. Then I have just those few people. 

With me, what you see is what you get. But there are very few people that I can sit and have long conversations with.\”

She adds, \”I feel like some people can be such energy vampires. They suck the life out of me and I just want to keep away from those kinds of people because I don\’t want my energy to be diluted. We are living in this fast-paced life where you require tons of energy and yeah and I feel that, you know, sometimes I\’m sapped. Then I need to go back again and regain composure and you know energy.\”


Shetty was born in Mangalore, Karnataka into a Tulu-speaking Bunt family of Surendra Shetty and Sunanda Shetty. Shetty\’s father, Surendra, and her mother, Sunanda, are both manufacturers of tamper-proof water caps in the pharmaceutical industry.

\”We come from nothing and we\’re gonna go with nothing. We live in Kaliyuga, so whatever I own, I enjoy and unapologetically so. But tomorrow if I don\’t have it, God forbid, I\’ll be happy there as well. I\’m a middle-class girl that came from Chembur from a two-bedroom home. Now,  I have all of this and a beautiful family but it doesn\’t drive me honestly. Pursuit of happiness is much stronger.\”


There\’s this yogic concept that talks about peace and they say that there are three layers to it: the first issue of physical health that needs to be fixed, the second is your mental health and the third is your spiritual health.

So, I asked her about what physical health, mental health, and spiritual health advice she would like to give the 23-year-old version of herself.

She says, \”I just feel that things come to you at a certain age for a certain reason, so that was your journey.  At 23 I had the worst heartbreak. I viewed life and people with rose-tinted glasses and I thought I\’ll never be able to come out of that. I was in a shell for a long time and then I decided to improve myself. We all go through those feelings of insecurity, Am I good enough? Why did this happen to me? I just feel that is a journey that we have to take because if that didn\’t happen this person in front of you wouldn\’t be this person. So, I feel that it has to be embraced and you have to live in that moment, experience that pain, and then you have to come out of it.\”

She added, \”I decided to safeguard. I started building a wall. It\’s not in a negative sort of way, it\’s important to kind of decide what is wrong for you and what is right.

For most of us what happens is that we go through the pain and then we\’re still doing those backbends and then you break your back one day, So I decided, beyond this point I will not bend my back. That is what life\’s experiences teach you.”



They say that your external world becomes a reflection of your internal world, Shilpa Shetty\’s a perfect example of that sentence. She is someone who\’s got genuine niceness inside her. She\’s got genuine humility inside her. When I was talking to her I felt like I\’m talking to a very positive human being.

Through these amazing and insightful conversations, I always take away something on a personal level. On my spiritual journey, I\’m trying to eliminate negative thoughts. And one thing that I have learned from the incredible Shilpa Shetty Kundra is not to judge people. Even if it\’s that 1% judgment which is very hard.

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