How Winner\’s Mindset Can Help You Attain Great Success? By Grant Cardone

“The whole world right now is interested in building a brand. But people need to be interested in building themselves.” – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone, is a phenomenal Sales Expert, recognized author, and entrepreneur. Someone who truly believes in the \”10x Growth Mentality\”. During the initial years of BeerBiceps, I had heard about Grant Cardone from one of my mentors. Soon, I found myself reading about him and his work. What an absolute honor to be able to talk to him.

is books & businesses today are helping millions to invest better, create more assets and learn an exceptional sales mindset. In this blog, he talks about the benefits of having an American mindset, the Secret to his SALES skills, Billionaire Mindset and so much more.

I feel there\’s a lot to learn from American culture, entrepreneurship and some iconic American entrepreneurs.

That\’s what Grant Cardone is all about. His story is one of the most inspirational stories out there in the general business world and the content world.

The people who inspire me are inspired by Grant Cardone.


His experience with drug abuse 

The first video I ever saw of him was about his drug abuse. When I was younger, I went through a similar phase, although his phase was much more intense than mine. 

I asked him about what was the peak of his bad phase and what were the thoughts in his head during that time. 

Grant was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to a single mother who raised seven children. He came from humble beginnings and struggled with addiction for more than nine years. Even three overdoses weren\’t enough to make him give up his habit.

Talking about this phase he recounts, “It was mostly just personal degradation, self-loathing, disgust for myself and wanting to give up. The funny thing was you don\’t want to quit but at the same time, you do. I\’m so grateful I couldn\’t quit but I wanted to every day.

Once I decided to clean up, I had a lot of repair work to do with people that didn\’t trust me. I didn\’t trust myself. I had to get good at something. I didn\’t have a lot of choices because I had messed up a lot of my choices. So I was left with only a few things to do.

I was 25 then and that\’s when I started saying, ”Okay, quit looking for options to get good at this one thing even if it\’s not perfect, it\’s not ideal, I am meant to do more than this but I\’m gonna do this right now.\”


He feels that the whole world right now is interested in building a brand. But people need to be interested in building themselves. 

\”If I believe in myself I will go promote myself. This is a big missing piece in the world today. It\’s like everybody wants to become an influencer today. They want to know how I promote myself so much and how I promote myself so hard. That is because I love myself and because I don\’t rip people off, I don\’t cheat and I always give people more than I promise.


So when you do that over and over and over again, you start to believe in yourself. You can start to truly promote yourself.”

10x Mentality 

The video through which I discovered Grant Cardone, did two things for me.

First, it helped me get over my pot addiction. I was a huge pothead. The second thing it did to me was introducing me to, what Grant calls, the 10x mentality.

It taught me to think really expansively. I feel like when I started out this YouTube career, my goal was to become a big YouTuber and then have maybe one stable business. When I discovered his work I realized how far you should be thinking about and how far you should be aiming for.

According to him, the difference between people who have this mentality and those who don\’t is not just because of their beliefs, it\’s what you\’re being reminded of every day.

“If you cover my eyes I can only see the palms of my hands and if there are a bunch of scars and problems then that\’s all I can see. In America, we have access to all these companies that are doing massive and all the Elons and the Tim Cooks and the Warren Buffetts. All these stories of breakthroughs that become reminders of possibility and I think that that\’s what opens up people’s mentality.”


I asked him what was the best and worst aspect of America growing up versus the best and worst aspects of it in 2021.

To this, he said, “I grew up here so you take a lot of this for granted. In America, I can travel freely.

It\’s such a big place with a lot of people, a lot of money and a lot of possibilities.


But it\’s probably more painful in many ways to live here and not make it.

Also, in America there\’s a lot of made-up stuff, there\’s a lot of fraud. There\’s a tremendous amount of people that haven\’t made it that way. Because you have debt here, you got financing. If you have a dream, you can finance it. If you just want to look like a big shot you can probably get it financed here. 20 years ago that didn\’t exist. You couldn\’t trick people the way you can today.

America\’s still a fantastic place. A place is only as good as the people and the opportunities.”


I feel there are three key aspects to any kind of business, any kind of entrepreneurship mindset. The first aspect is inspiration because you need to see the business before it happens.

The second is the product. But the third one that we speak about very little in India and that America speaks a lot about is Sales. “If you want to be great at sales, number one, you need to understand marketing.

It goes like this: I have inspiration, an idea and then I market the idea. I don\’t make a sale first, I market the idea.

Without marketing, they won\’t know you and if they don\’t know you then they\’re not going to buy from you because they won\’t trust you.”

According to him, the first thing in sales is to make sure the customer knows you because if they don\’t know you and haven\’t heard of you they can\’t trust you,

Number two is you need a product offer that you know the customer wants.

Number three is to give people choices

Eg- If you\’re asking someone to buy a book from you, give them multiple options. You can offer them, hardcover, paperback, Ebook, Audio Book or a combination of one or more options.

With so many options, the buyer will feel they\’re in control but in actuality, it will give you more control.


I wanted to know how he switched from being just a millionaire to working towards becoming a billionaire. What\’s the mindset switch and professional switch?


He says,” You have to go from saving to investing. In the beginning, you\’re accumulating, you\’re gathering successes, customers, and money. You\’re trying to hold on to it and there is a lot of management involved. Later it\’s more like, money comes in and you have to use it to make big investments. You have to take much bigger chances and bigger risks. At the beginning to become a millionaire you need money, you need income. When you\’re going to the next level you don\’t want income, you want assets.”


Grant Cardone has always been an inspiration to me and a source of motivation. It was a huge moment for me because he was on my original potential guest list that we had decided before we actually began The Ranveer Show. 

It is crazy that I had this conversation with him.

This experience was truly motivating for me because I got to learn so much from him.

This conversation made me realize \’The Power Of Self-Belief\’ & \’The Power Of Thinking BIG\’, something Grant Cardone is known for.

He made me realize how important self-belief is if you want to promote yourself as a content creator or entrepreneur. Trusting yourself is imperative to succeed in life.

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