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I am not a person who spends a lot of time watching the trendy Netflix, Amazon, or Hotstar shows. I do watch shows, but only those which are meaningful or shows that inspire and motivate, or shows with excellent storytelling and spectacular cinematography.

I feel with age, the choice of your movies and TV shows changes. I did a solo podcast on series recommendations last year. At that time I was in a motivated zone, a fiery zone, and wanted to create new businesses and we created BigBrainco. and Level.

In that episode, I spoke about series like Black Mirror, Silicon Valley, Cosmos, Entourage, and The Last Dance.

You can watch that episode here if you are looking for some motivational series or series that will blow your mind. 

Now I am at peace in my life. I am calmer and happier. At this stage of my life, I look for movies or series that have brilliant storytelling, fantastic entertainment, and a gripping narrative. Series and movies that can increase the emotional quotient in my life.

I have compiled a list of the 5 shows that have helped me immensely in the past two years


This is my absolute favorite, above The Last Dance, above Entourage, above Silicon Valley. This show is about a white rapper, Lil Dicky, who is an independent rapper on YouTube. The show is weirdly funny. The show starts with weird, awkward humor and gets darker with each episode. 


You will start enjoying the show with the first episode itself. It is when you go through the first season that you realize it is slightly deeper and more than just comedy. Each episode addresses one male insecurity. Season one is about insecurities such as salary, comparison with a friend\’s success, heartbreak, rejection, and childhood trauma.  

Every episode deals with much deeper, darker themes with a tint of humor. 

Season 2 is more intense than season 1. 


In terms of film writing, screenwriting, and camerawork, the series Succession is at the top. Most of you might have watched it, but you might not have noticed how comprehensively it covered aspects of the business world such as how it is when you are at the beginning of your business career, when you are at the middle point, and when you are at the peak. The people dynamics that come in, the emotional equations, the trauma that comes in with business, all are covered in this series.


This show is kind of based on the life of Rupert Murdoch, who is the biggest media mogul. 

The show deals with how the father is trying to figure out who will succeed him as the CEO of his company among his four hyper-competitive kids. 

The show is shot in Manhattan primarily. It shows the top 1% of the richest city, and you kind of feel rich watching it, because of the sound effect, and the background music used. 

It\’s not just the story that makes a show splendid, it\’s the characters too. Succession doesn’t have an out-of-the-box story, but the way the characters are written is so elaborate, so gray, and so intriguing.

All Or Nothing

The genre of this show is like the ones in my last recommendation podcast. It is a reality show where an excellent cinematic crew documents the journey of the top sports team. Every season has a different team. The first season had Manchester City, the second one was a club called Tottenham Hotspur and the third season was Arsenal. They also do a series of different sports. 

Watching All or Nothing teaches you valuable life lessons, such as leadership and people management. 


Season one is about one of the legendary coaches, Pep Guardiola, and how he fires up his squad with leadership. Every player treats him as a legendary manager, as a boss because he doesn’t demand respect, he commands it. 

The second season is about the team, Tottenham Hotspur. In this season, you’ll discover how you handle situations when things aren’t going your way at work. There is a lot to learn from both seasons.

How To Become A Tyrant

This is a documentary wherein each episode is a case study from the tyrants in history. They have an episode about Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin, and Saddam Hussain. This documentary talks about the tricks that these Tyrants used to raise and gain power and maintain the power. 


It is a heavy dark show with a good narrative and good filmmaking. I would say this is what a documentary should look like. 

This show is like a playbook in leadership. 


This is one of the best show recommendations I got in recent times. I have heard a lot of Gen-Z kids talk about this and I assumed it would be like a teen show as I heard it has a lot of drugs and sex involved, so I thought it won’t be something I would vibe with. 


Ayan Mukerji suggested I should at least watch one episode. 

The way it is edited, the cinematography is done, and the way the writing is done, the show just grips you. I just watched one season of this and I was amazed. I even heard the second season is more elaborate.

It is a dark teenage drama. It\’s sad that teens today watch this show, but at least we get to see something that\’s a technical marvel. I find that fascinating. It’s a jaw-dropping show and a memorable show. Drug abuse, sex, and violence are some topics it deals with.

These are my recommendations. I hope you enjoyed reading this. 

To watch the podcast

I am not a series or a movie person. Nevertheless, there are times wherein I watch series provided they have good storytelling or maybe a good cinematography work or motivational. I had done a similar podcast wherein I had recommended a few motivating and bind blowing series. The series recommendation here is a little lighter and more focused on the storytelling.

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