Prateek Kuhad On Succes, His Spiritual Experince, And His New Album \’The Way That Lovers Do\’

“Any Kind Of Emotion triggers art”. – Prateek Kuhad

Prateek Kuhad, a singer and a songwriter, is well known for his hit songs like Cold/Mess and Kasoor. He has established himself as one of the biggest voices in the Indie music scene. He has a lot of depth in his thoughts, which is felt even in his songs. 

It was an absolute joy to have a conversation with him. Hope you enjoy reading this. Hopefully, through this, you will get to know his vulnerable side. 


His new single is going to be out soon. Make sure to check it out. 

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I feel the blessing of being an artist is creativity. But creativity can work against you and turn into overthinking. I asked him how does he deal with overthinking?

“The artistic process values perfection. While it is necessary, you can go into overthinking and self-doubt. Striking a balance is important or else it would hamper your success. Human beings kind of have a habit of self-destruction”.   


Be Honest To Yourself

“For me, being real is important. When you are dishonest to yourself, you lose touch with your art. Not facing your fears and anxiety is being dishonest to yourself. I strive to be honest with myself. I want to be as real as possible”.



Usually, people have this outlook that being an artist is about having a fancy, glamorous life. But there is a lot of hard work that goes behind it. Prateek has been making music for a long time. The pivot point in his career was the song\’ cold/mess. So, I asked him how he looks at this situation?

“The Indie Music Industry is small. I have seen success and failure. There is a lot to learn from failures. Success is not just about art, it is also about attitude. At some level, you get what you want. It is just that some people don’t want success and maybe they don’t want it because they are too scared to get it”. 

Reasons For Success

  • Hard work
  • Needs more than just the creative side
  • Need to keep the creative side alive.


Story Behind Cold/Mess

“Last year, I was listening to the oldest version of the song. The chorus was completely different at the start. There were 2-3 iterations of the voice note”.


“Sometimes a song can make an impact with just one line. You can compile a complex idea, emotion, or story into one line of the song, and this is what I love about being a songwriter”.

“I always work on songs in two ways: either in a studio or play them live with my band. Cold/Mess was one song we played live first, and people started singing with us by the 2nd chorus. They were cheering a lot. That time I was like, this is something special”. 


Spiritual Experience

“I was not so spiritual before the trip to Bali with a friend of mine in 2019. She is into yoga and she has been doing it for a long time. So, she had planned to go for yoga and I was like I would surf. After day one, I realized I am terrible at it and planned to join her and do yoga for the rest of the trip. We did yoga every day for a week”. 

“On the third day, we practiced tantric yoga, and many people associate it with sex. It involves sexual energy, but it is not just that. I had an out-of-body experience and there is no explanation for it. At that time, I realized we didn\’t understand what was happening. It opened my mind to blocks and rigidity I had”. 


New Album


“We are working on putting a new album out. I truly believe it is going to be my best work so far. The name of the album is ‘The Way That Lovers Do’. This album comprises all English songs. For every album or single that we put live, we usually test it before by playing it live a bunch of times. No one has heard the major chunk of songs in this album”.


Pain Is Not The Reason For Good Music

“The narrative needs to be changed. You don’t need a broken heart or pain for excellent songs. When I write, I am in a neutral state. You need to start with a clean slate and then tap into a few memories. If I am sad, I can’t do any work”.


Prateek’s Favorite

“My favorite would be Raat Razi. It is one song close to my heart. The writing process was fulfilling. When I wrote this, I was in my last year of college. I had completed around 60% of the song in 2-3 weeks. I wanted to finish the last verse and there was a lot of noise in my room on that day

. So I took my phone and a notebook, went out, and started looking for a place to write. and a notebook went out, and it was around 10 at night, there were noisy bars and restaurants. No quiet place. So I just walked and wrote. It was really fun”.


I hope you enjoyed this wholesome blog. In this podcast, we got to see Mr. Prateek Kuhad\’s vulnerable side, which is the vibe of The Ranveer Show. 


Thank you

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