Styling Tips For Indian Men

With the increasing number of influencers, we see a rise in the number of male fashion influencers and the gen-z trying to experiment with their looks. Yet, few men are skeptical about experimenting.


It is important to dress well to boost your confidence. Check out these styling tips that will help you better your fashion game.



A great man once said, “You can tell a lot about someone by their shoes”. 

  • Shoes complete your look.
  • Don’t wear sports shoes or bulky shoes with your casual outfit.
  • Go for flat heel shoes such as loafers, sneakers, or boots


Color Combination

Color combinations should be the first thing you learn in fashion. Start searching on google, learn from it the best color combinations, and experiment. Here are a few classic combinations you can opt for.

  • Black or white t-shirt with blue jeans
  • White shirt with blue jeans
  • Olive green with black
  • Blue and gray
  • Pink and gray
  • Maroon and beige



Most guys like classic blue jeans. However, in fashion, ‌experimenting is the key. You need to understand that you can change the way you feel and look sexier by going for different styles of pants. You can start by experimenting with chinos. Chinos are a great outfit option for clubbing or a lunch date. 



Like shoes, even a watch can complete your look. Rather than going for a leather watch, you can opt for metallic or semi-formal watches that can be paired with different outfits and give you a casual, sexy look. 




A lot of guys don’t experiment with their clothes because they get nervous when they try something out of their comfort zone. They would either wear only shirts or polo shirts, but that doesn’t make you a well-dressed man. A well-dressed man is someone who keeps experimenting and carries it with confidence. 


You need to experiment and figure out what suits you. There are many such rules which I would share with you, so stay tuned. 


Thank you. Hope you enjoyed it.

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