An Insight Into Bollywood By Panchami Ghavri

Panchami Ghavri is one of the few independent and most respected casting directors in Bollywood. She assisted Ayan Mukerji in the movie Wake up Sid! 


She has done casting for shows like Mismatched and movies like Kapoor and sons, and Gehraiyaan. 


Casting director

“Casting director puts together every person you are watching on the screen. From the lead actor or actress to the minor roles, the casting director’s work is to select people. It is still a new department in the film industry”.


Life In Mumbai

“I love the fact that in Mumbai, different people are doing different things, and people here don\’t seem to have a judgment around that”. 


What Does A Casting Director Look For?

“Every time the requirements are different. But, a few important things are-

  • Good work ethic. I want to actor to come prepared and be on time.
  • Do theater work or do a course. 
  • Go for as many auditions as you can. You would learn a lot from that.

With Gen-Z, we can see a lot of preparation done before auditions. The percentage of good auditions is more than what we used to see before. So, we know they are preparing themselves before the auditions”.


Observation Skills

“I am always observing people around me. May it be while traveling or in a restaurant. I observe body language, features, and vibe”. 


Observation About Me

“You are easygoing, and someone who can make friends easily. You are not judgemental”.


Insider’s Perspective On Film Industry

“I feel as the film industry is too aspirational, people speak a lot of stuff that is not true. Things such as cheating and drugs happen everywhere”. 


Sexism In Film Industry

“I have experienced no kind of sexism in the industry. I feel I am also blessed as I have been working with many young people. In casting, there is a balance. It is not a male-dominated occupation”.


Casting Couch

“People in power were talking advantage. I don’t know any specific. But I feel it was real. Me too movement also helped”.  


On Prajakta Koli


“Prajakta Koli is where she is, may it be movies or shows she has got because she is a phenomenal actor. She is self-learned”. 


Vicky Kaushal Breaking Stereotype


“Most people avoid certain roles as they believe they would be typecast. Vicky Kaushal has broken many stereotypes. He has a lot of guts, and he took on roles and killed them. You no more see him in the role of a best friend”.


OTT Changing The Narrative 

“With OTT, we see a change. Only talented actors are being appreciated. Only a pretty face doesn’t work anymore. People are picking up actors from OTT to put into movies. We are not chasing looks, or 6 pack abs, or your special skills”.


Portfolio Pictures

“We don’t care about portfolio shoot anymore. I need a bunch of nice natural pictures. It can be you in a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans smiling, just a happy picture. We don’t need an Indian look or a shirtless look”.


People’s Skills

“People skills and communication skills are important for actors. When someone walks in for an audition, the equation they have with the assistants is important because ‌they have prepared for a role in a certain way and to convey that, communication skills are important”. 


Being Equal

“I don’t have any hierarchy thing in my office. We eat together, everyone is free to give their opinion. I tell my team to come to the office only if there is some work. I am truly collaborative‌”.  


This was a fun conversation with Panchami Gharvi. We got an insight into the world of Bollywood.


Hope you enjoyed reading this.


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