Secret For A Better Sleep

Life’s number one goal is to give it your best shot in everything you do, and you can conquer the world, but it is not possible if your body doesn’t support you. 

I talk about hustle and hard work. However, that doesn’t mean you sacrifice your sleep. Many people stay up late at night to watch series or movies and rush to work or college in the mornings. 

Getting adequate sleep is important. Sleep is no less than an extended meditation session if done correctly.


Here are a few steps to improve your sleep. 


Step 1

Get done with your workout and dinner, 2-3 hours before going to bed. Reason being,

  • Exercise pulls your inhaled oxygen towards your lungs and your muscles.
  • Food pulls your inhaled oxygen towards your digestive system. 

Quality sleep is all about brain oxygenation. This happens when your breaths are shorter, and your lungs don’t have to work much.


Step 2

Avoid hot showers and exercise before going to bed because your body temperature should be two degrees lower than your average body temperature while going to bed. 


Step 3

You probably know this, keeping your phone aside an hour before you go to sleep is important. Your body feels awake or sleepy, depending on the amount of light entering through your eyes. 


Step 4

The last activity of your day has a profound effect on your thought process. This is the part of the day where you can directly impact your subconscious mind. So, how would you make this part of your day useful?

  • Read Books.
  • Listen To Podcasts.
  • Listen to soft, slow music.


Step 5

If you have done all this, and still finding it difficult, to sleep, try sleep mediation or Yoga Nidra.


Hope this blog was useful for you guys.


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