All About Sonali Bendre :Her Film Career, Love Story, And Battling With Cancer

In times of crisis, being positive is difficult. But today\’s guest has fought cancer with a positive approach. Her positivity radiates to everyone around you.

This blog is about Sonali Bendre\’s battle with cancer, Bollywood in the 90s, story of how her husband broke out of friend zone and ended up marrying her.

Sonali Bendre became an established actress in the 90s. She has done films even in Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi. She is positive, and she radiates warmth.

In this blog, she shared about her love life; her start in the film industry, and her battle with cancer.

I hope you enjoy this blog.


It is Getting Harder To Read

“With audiobooks, we can do two tasks at a time. I feel I am losing the capacity to do one thing at a time. There is so much around us, you want to try everything. I get what kids are feeling today. We are looking for multi-functionality with everything. I am not saying that it is right or wrong, it is just different”.


Sonali Bendre’s Love Story

“We met on set. I was shooting for my first film, Naaraaz, with Mahesh Bhatt as the director. We were shooting in Chennai. Goldie had taken up the production after his father’s death. He had come there for story sitting, as he was working on a film with Mahesh Bhatt. I was reading a book, and there was Goldie, an annoying person who kept finding a chair”.

“He was trying to strike a conversation by asking me about the book I was reading and why I was reading it? That is how we met. I ended up doing the film that Goldie had come there for. So, from a professional relationship to friends, best friends to partners forever”.


How Did Her Husband Break Out Of Friend zoning?

“For 10-15 days, a friend of his used to drive with me, from Lokhandwala to Famous studio, saying he has some work there, and he used to keep praising him casually. Maybe that helped him to break the friend zone”.

“Now I can’t even think of a day without him by my side”.


What is most special about him?

“He has never stopped me from doing anything. He always pushes me to work, and he is the reason I have gotten back to work”.


Inner You Matters

“Since I was a kid, my mom had made sure I should not stand in front of the mirror for over 5 minutes. It was engraved in my head that what is inside you matters”.  


Following Your Dream

“When I started working, it was something they weren’t aware of in the Bollywood industry. My granny said if she is getting so many offers, why are you stopping her? I said my family to give me 2-3 years and try it out.”


It’s Okay To Fail

“I didn’t know anybody in the industry when I joined. I had the best time. It was the best thing that ever happened. The choice is always with you. Till today, my parents have no clue about this industry. You may feel ‌you made a mistake, but you will learn and that’s the way to grow. Don’t blame someone else”.


Film Industry In The 90s

“The industry was pretty intimate in the 90s. Acting at that time was slightly over the top. Roles were written in such a way. There were different flavors in the movies but limited as movies were released on a single screen”. 


Lesson Learned From Cancer Battle

“When the diagnosis came, I was in a middle of a talent show. I didn’t want the media to speculate and create gossip. I wanted to put out in my words what was I going through”.

“It was a shock. By the 4th day of my diagnosis, I left the country. I had left my whole life behind. That gives you a different perspective. Going through something like this, you get clarity. I understood ‌I may not ‌change the world, but I need to do what I can in the world that is around me”.


Battle With Cancer

“Rather than fighting or mental toughness, acceptance is the right word for me. The day I accepted the fact that this was happening to me, I could find a way to move on”.  


“I didn’t want sympathy or pity for it. I just wanted to tell the truth without cribbing about it. So I shared my journey online. Sometimes people asked me what is the mileage I am getting out of it?”


What Does Chemo Feel Like?

“Chemo is as scary. I would not wish it even for my enemies. The treatment of chemo is worse than the disease itself”.


Positive Mindset

“We had gone so unprepared that we had to search for an apartment to stay in. Goldie told me to stay and that he will ‌search for the apartment. I said to him I won’t sit in the hotel room, and I accompanied him. We came back to the room at night. Goldie was tired and exhausted from everything, so he just passed out. I couldn’t sleep. The sun came up while I sat near the window. I remember clicking a picture and sending it to my team and saying that switch on the sunshine, one day at a time. This is where the hashtag also came from. I had spent that night crying, and with the sun coming up, I thought this ends here. I am going to look at it positively”.  


It was my honor to have Sonali Bendre on The Ranveer Show. Her journey is truly inspiring and her positivity is magnetic. I hope you had fun reading this. 


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