From Villian In Movies To A Hero In Real Life- Story Of Sonu Sood

When the entire world was in a crisis, Sonu Sood helped people. His good deeds didn’t just stop there. He helped people even after lockdown and plans of continuing that. 

This blog is all about his kindness, down-to-earth nature, and about his journey.

Sonu Sood is an actor, model, and philanthropist. He has worked in Bollywood as well as in the south industry. He has gone from acting as a villain in many movies to being a real-life hero. 

In this blog, we spoke about his nature of helping people during covid, coming to Mumbai to become an actor, getting his first break, and his love life.

I hope you enjoy this blog.

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Helping People

“You are destined to do certain things in life. I didn’t know how to do the work that I did like how to help people reach their homes, and how to help them find a job, but I am learning every day. My life was all in between light, camera, and action. Now it has become all about action. Maybe the almighty is directing this journey”.

“The race of achieving new success never ends. When you get everything you wished for, you start feeling why were you running for this? I tell my kids every day that bringing a smile to some unknown face is the most special feeling”. 


What is God for Sonu Sood?

“A teacher, a guide, someone who directs you in life. I believe a lot in Sai Baba. I am working on building an old age home and orphanage in Shirdi. It is all Baba’s blessing”.


Living In Mumbai

“I always used to think I will go to Mumbai. Some big directors will look at me and offer me a film. Nothing like that happened. Slowly, this city teaches you a lot of things. The first break I got was after 3 and a half years of trying in an ad, but no one noticed it as much. Overnight success doesn’t exist. Struggling period of your life teaches you a lot”. 


Did Human Race Become Kinder?

“Everyone is busy making themselves. Humans don’t understand things till they suffer from them. People need to realize they should at least spend an hour of their day helping people”.


Praising People Is Always Underrated

“If someone has done something good, we should praise them. It becomes difficult to praise people, and it is not necessary to praise them in front of many people, you should just appreciate them”.


Films Not Working

“People are not rejecting Bollywood. If films are great, people will watch them. It is a human tendency to blame others for their failures”.


Faith In God

“There was a time when I had lost my mom. I had lost faith in God. Then I regained that faith. When I started connecting with people during covid, I did not sleep for 25- 26 hours at times. I used to get calls randomly asking for help, and I never got annoyed by it. I felt more connected to God when people used to reach their home during covid or when I was able to help someone. The happiness of doing these good deeds is completely different”. 


Working With Brands To Help People

“A gentleman came to me 2 months back to click a picture with me. He was a director of a hospital chain. He said we will also join you and work towards helping people. You become our brand ambassador. I said I won’t take money but they have to do 50 liver transplants for poor people at their hospital whenever I inform. It’s just happening. I endorsed a paint brand, we painted a whole village. I worked for an LED brand, we provided 20 villages with light”.


Meeting His Wife

“When I was doing my engineering, I met her. She was studying mass communication there. We were good friends, so we thought we would spend life together. She has been a great support system”.


“When you are meant to be together, nothing can stop you. You need to be real with each other. There is no formula for that. Expectations increasing so it is on you how you tackle it”.


Talking to Sonu Sood was an extreme honor. I hope you got to learn a lot from him about kindness, helping people, and embarrassing your struggles.


Thank You.


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