Truth Behind The World War

Do you know how World War ever started? Does World War II has any connection to World War I? Was Hitler the only cruel man in the History of humanity or was there someone worse than him? If you all have these questions, then this blog is for you.


It is always an honor to have Abhijit Chavda on The Ranveer Show. We have done episodes with him previously as well  on geopolitics, history, and if world war 3 is a possibility. With him, you always get to learn a lot of things from a geopolitical standpoint. Watch those, if you haven\’t already.

This blog is all about world war I and world war II. If you don’t know about these world war, I would suggest you research a little about it before reading this. When it comes to world war, I promise you won’t find such a comprehensive podcast on the internet.


How Did World War Impact The World?

“Everything that is happening in the world now results from those two world wars. Technology shaped up in that period. New types of weapons were used during the first world war like chemical weapons, airplanes in warfare, bombs, and tanks”.


Start Of World War I

“World war I started in 1914. The power of European emperors at that time came from the agriculture that happened on the lands that they owned. This happened before the industrial revolution. After the industrial revolution, industries became a source of money. The steam engine was introduced, and the clothing industry boomed. Society changed with the industrial revolution ”



Britain Didn’t Wanted A War?

“Britain was playing a defensive game. They had a big empire to manage. They administered about one-fourth of the world’s geography. If things would go out of control, they would lose this access. That is why they didn’t want war”.


Reason For It To Become A World War

“There were people of different religions in different areas, and there were old family rivalries. They looked at each other with suspension and enmity. All they needed was a spark to set the whole thing on fire”. 


How Did Everything Lead To World War?

“Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. The Austro-Hungarian empire blames that on Serbia. Russia stood with Serbia. Austro-Hungary ask Germany if they should start a war? Germany shows them a green flag and they declare war on Serbia”.

“At the end of July 1914, they try to attack Serbia, but the Serbs resist. The German takes an opportunity, and they declare war against Russia and France”.


“The Germany- France region had a history as France had annexed some part of German. But the German-France border was well fortified by France. The Germans entered through Belgium because of which the British got involved as they had assured Belgium’s neutrality, which was broken. The British sent their troops to France. The Germans try to take Paris. Over time, trench warfare happened. This was happening on the western front\”. 


Indians In World War 1

“On the eastern front, the Ottoman empire allies with Germany and declares war against Russia. It didn’t work. The German troops froze to death. They tried to bomb Odesa and Sevastopol, and that too didn\’t work. Then the British lends an Indian expeditionary force to Kuwait to take present-day Iraq down. Many people died in that. Mahatma Gandhi had himself picked the soldiers to fight this battle”.

“There was a lot of subcontinental involvement in British India. About a million and a half India troops fought for the British and died there”.


End Of The First World War

“Eventually, everyone got involved in the war. Slowly, the whole thing shattered. The Austrian-Hungarian surrender. The Ottomans surrendered, and lately, the Germans also surrendered\”.

\”There were two revolutions in Russia in 1917 after the World war. In the first revolution, the SAR was forced to abdicate and the provisional government came into power. The second revolution was the Bolshevik revolution, which gave rise to the USSR. They said they won’t fight, and an agreement was signed by the Russians and the Germans. The Ottoman Empire was destroyed. The Austro-Hungarian Army was dismantled and various new states came into formation. Germany lost its territory and they were blamed and humiliated for all of this. Adolf Hitler was one of the soldiers who fought from the side of Germany”.   


Adolf Hitler


“After the terrible fall of Germany. There was hyper-inflammation, and a limit was imposed on the number of German soldiers. The Germans had to sign the treaty of Versailles. Then in the 1930s, the nationalist party came into power because the Weimar republic government was blamed for all that had happened to Germany after the war. Adolf Hitler broke the treaty of Versailles, started re-militarization, and started the production of new weapons. Hitler wanted territories, as he wanted an expansion of Germany”.  


The Start Of The Second World War

“The Germans unified with Austria. After which, the Germans went to take over half of Czechoslovakia. The Germans signed an aggression pact with Stalin. The secret clause of this pact was they will attack Poland, half of it would be under the German control, and the other half would be under the USSR”.


After The Invasion Of Poland

“At the time of the invasion of Poland, Japan was conquering Southeast Asia after being defeated by the USSR, which happened because they tried to capture the North side of the world first. A civil war was going on in China. After trying to capture Poland, the British and France declared war against Germany. The German had a modern air force and modern-style weapons to fight back”.


Was Hitler The Worst?

 “I don’t think he is worse than Stalin or Mao. Winston Churchill killed more Indian than Adolf Hitler killed Jews. It is not all black and white. He was a monster, but he wasn’t the biggest evil. I feel if Hitler had fought on the side of the U.S., then they would have regarded him as a hero”.


Adolf Hitler Coming To Power

“To come to power, you have to convince the people that you are superior. This is the strategy Hitler used. He made people believe in the Aryan Mythology by saying the Germans are superior and they are the true Aryans”.


Japan’s Entry In The Second World War

“The Japanese saw the western powers as technologically advanced. The emperor of that time aspired to make Japan an imperial power. Japan has the same morals as India. They tried to eradicate Buddhism, and their morals changed. The Japanese military grew and become blood thirst.  The Japanese people started invasion to expand. They took the side of Germany in the second world war. Americans imposed an oil and steel blockage on Japan to stop them from expanding. In turn, Japan attacked Pearl Harbour. This significantly damaged the American fleet”. 


Europe’s Participation

There were a lot of things going on in Europe. Germans took France and Paris. Other parts of Europe were also taken over by Germans. After that, they started aerial battles against Britain. Hitler wanted to take over Britain, but eventually, for some reason, he gave up on that and went ahead to capture the USSR. The Germans divided the army into 3 parts, and send them to North, South and one to Moscow, and they were successful in their invasion”. 


How Did The Germans Lose?

“In the first 3 months, the Russians lost 3 million soldiers. The Germans thought they would have 2-3  million more soldiers. But the Russians had 14-15 million trained men. Hitler made called the soldiers back from Moscow and sent them to the South, to Ukraine. Russians kept fighting. Germans had reached Moscow but couldn’t enter”. 


“Then autumn started, and the skies opened up. There was mud everywhere, and the tanks couldn’t go further. During winter, the Germans froze. Many historians say the mission failed because of the Russian winter. But the Russian army defeated Germans”. 


Why Germans Failed?

“If he would have focused on getting the UK under him, it would have been a better choice. He focused on taking the USSR. His greed was the reason for his defeat”.


Defeat Of INA

“Subhas Chandra Bose knew we will not be truly independent if we took independence on the Britisher\’s clause. He tried to ally with anyone who was against the British. He went to meet Hitler, and suggested ‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌him take help from Japan. Japan helped him, and Subhas Chandra Bose started with INA. He trained them, and they tried to enter India. There was a terrible battle for 3 months, in the North-eastern part of India to keep the INA out”.


Final Events Of World War 2

“Lots of Nazis were able to escape to Argentina. I believe whatever information we have on Hitler is not convincing, and there is no evidence of him being dead. We know many Nazis lived in Argentina for a long time. There are even movies made on it. Maybe even Adolf Hitler was there”. 


Nuclear Attacks On Japan

“The brightest American minds were on it. They wanted to harvest nuclear fusion, create a chain reaction and eventually make a bomb. They made 2 bombs. After the Germans lost, America launched an intense bombardment on Japan. Japan refused to surrender. Then America dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and from that date, the USA has control over Japan”.



I hope this blog helped you with gaining insight into the World War.

Thank You.


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