Scary Future Of Tech: Bio-Hacking, Neuralink, Stem Cell and Many More By Dr. Sid Warrier

Did you know someone created an ear from 3-D printing? Technologies are developing exponentially wherein we could be able to cure cancer in near future. If you are a fan of Dr. Sid Warrier or love reading about Neuroscience, future of tech or fan of Black Mirror then this blog is for you.

We have had Sid Warrier on The Ranveer Show and have discussed crypto, Neuroscience, and the dark side of the brain. But this episode is different. This is a technical episode with a lot of information on the future of technology. 


I hope you enjoy this podcast.



“We spend our whole day looking at the screen, and when we turn off the screen, we can see a reflection of ourselves. The poster of Black Mirror is cracking off the screen. So it is your reality cracking. It is a crazy concept”.

“The first time I watched it, I realised it was a horror show. Earlier horror stories were about ghosts and evil spirits because people believed in ghosts. All good horror stories need to have a possibility of truth. Black Mirror is a possibility, and it is scary. So, Black Mirror is the horror story of 2022”.



“Neura-link\’s purpose can be understood by its speed of data transfer. For example, if I have to send a message to you, the quicker I type, the quicker you will receive the message. That is the rate of communication. What if I can type as quickly as I speak? That is the next step: Voice detection. What if I can type as quickly as I can think? That is where the brain interface comes in. The interface is a barrier between two things. Right now, my thumb is the interface between my brain and phone. But is there a chip in my brain that can read my thoughts, and I can directly think out words are typed, so here, the interface becomes my thinking. So brain-machine interfacing means connecting your brain with other equipment around you. You are connected to it by your body parts now”. 


How Did Stephen Hawking Communicate?

“If I want to move my index finger, a separate area of my brain is firing. So if I can map that into a code, I don’t need hands. If I am pressing a button on the remote, I am pressing it because there is no way for my brain to the button directly. But if we can connect to the remote\’s button to your brain through an interface, it could be direct. The same goes for words and language. Although the language is more complex, it is still possible to map your brain. If ten words are in front of you, you can move your eyes and pick a word and the computer with type that out, that is what Stephen Hawking did”.


Challenges Faced

“The same part of the brain can fire for multiple reasons. For example, if I am walking and certain parts of my brain are firing, the same parts could fire if I am listening to a song, so what will the computer interpret it as? So it has to first understand the complexity and the content of a particular pattern of network firing”. 


Deep Brain Stimulation

“If a part of your brain isn’t working well, we surgically put in a battery-operated stimulator that gives electric impulses to that part of the brain to stimulate it. It is like a battery charging a car, and we can already see it happening with patients of Parkinson\’s”. 



“Bio-hacking can be used to increase the efficiency of your body. Meditation, eating right, breathing exercises, physical exercises, and sleeping properly are forms of bio-hacking your body. The other way is through technology by manipulating your neurobiological reaction towards your environment”.


Is Netflix Using Neuro-Marketing To Hook You?


“The purpose of traditional marketing is, if I am selling you something, I need to know how your experience was, would you purchase it again, and would you recommend it to someone else? The only way to know that is to ask you. Neuro-marketing tries to understand consumer behavior and predict consumer behavior through biofeedback. Netflix uses this but the feedback level is not that advanced. They use the scrolling speed and where you tap on the screen”.


Injecting a Computer Into Your Body- A Possibility?

“There are a few ethical concern with nano-bots, and there needs to be a social shift for us, to be ready to inject a computer into our blood. Today probably not, but there is a possibility”.


Can Stem Cell Help Us Understand Cancer?


“Stem cells are cells in your body that have not differentiated them into a particular organ, as in they can become anything. There are stem cells present in adults as well. Experiments are going on. Stem cell therapy is promising, as we can create organs from scratch. In cancer treatment, there is a lot of potential for stem cells because cancer cells divide like stem cells. So when we understand stem cells, we can understand cancer cells”. 


Exercises Make You Smart

“Earlier, we used to believe that brain cells don’t grow after birth. We are born with all neurons and if the neuron dies, it dies, which is not true. There are areas in your body where new brain cells can grow. Exercise is one of which can help this process”.


3-D Printed Liver?

“I recently read an article on someone 3-D printing a human ear. It was the outer part of the ear. It has cartilage, so if I get hurt, it will heal.\”


\”We are maybe 5-6 years away from 3-D printing a heart or a liver. 3-D printing is the next big thing. It is a way of decentralising production. Imagine if everyone gets a 3-D printer at home through proper software you can make anything you want”.


Technological Revolution

“Yes, we don’t realize it because it is happening around us, but we are in the middle of a huge technological bomb which is exponentially bombing. It is scary and exciting”.


I hope this blog has been insightful. We hope to record many more of such podcast. So stay tuned.

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