Conspiracy theories And Dark Truth About America That Media Doesn\’t Show

From the conspiracy theory regarding John F. Kennedy and the attack of 9/11 to the dark side of Barack Obama and the dark truth that America hides. This blog has everything that the news media of the world tried to hide from the common people.

This blog is not to offend anyone. We love America and its people. Abhijit sir has even stayed there for a few years. Our intention with this blog is to share the real history we are not taught and provide the real news that you can only get through podcasts. Modern-day textbooks teach us an altered form of history, and news media shows us what powerful people of the world want us to know. 


This blog is part 3 of the series with Abhijit Chavda. Make sure to read the previous two parts if you haven’t already.

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Did Wars End After the Cold War?

“After ‌the cold war, communism was defeated, the USSR broke, and the U.S won. The world was expected to be a better place after the cold war. But it did not happen. We had wars after war: the gulf war, the war in the Balkans, and the second Gulf war. We had unipolarity. Then we saw the rise of China”.


Saddam Hussein Was Supported By Americans


“Saddam Hussein was an ally of the U.S. The Americans had a dispute with the Iranians after the Islamic revolution. The U.S-backed puppet of Iran was ousted, and the Iranian government came into power. They kept a few Americans as hostages. Iran became the enemy of America, and America wanted to take revenge”.

“America used Iraq as a proxy for bleeding Iran. The war went on for a decade. America provided Saddam Hussein with arms, weapons, and money. The war eventually was ground down to a stalemate. The Americans made him believe ‌they were in favor of him taking over Kuwait.”


Is America Actually Ruled By The Deep State?

“I don’t want to create new conspiracies, but the concept of the Deep state is no more a conspiracy. People have been pointing to the deep state since 1966. They are the core body of unelected officials who are a part of the government. There are few criteria to get selected into this, and once you are part of the inner circle, you are in forever”.


Assassination Of John F. Kennedy: A Planned Murder?

“The official version of the assassination of John F. Kennedy is that he was shot dead in Dallas by a single man from behind. But the video, the film of the actual assassination, says that before he was shot, he was already clutching his throat. The impact of the bullet is seen to be from the front. There are many such conspiracy theories behind this assassination”. 


Killing Of People During George Bush’s Tenure


“George W. Bush came into power in 2000. The first few months he spent playing golf. Then 9/11 happened. George Bush had to man up, and he decided to smoke out the masterminds of this plan. He launched an invasion of Afghanistan. Million innocent civilians died during the Iraq war in his tenure”.


If you want to read about the attack of 26/11- Story Of the Fighters Of 26/11

Conspiracy theories Behind 9/11

“Many conspiracy theories say maybe it was an insider\’s job. The demolition of the World Trade Center was part of a plan, as it didn’t come down at an angle. A building right next to the World Trade Center also came down mysteriously. There are no traces of the aircraft that crashed in the field. These are some claims which are made regarding this attack. I don’t know if it is true or not”.


Resources: The Reason For War

“It is always resources for which the countries invade each other. There are still a lot of resources to be found on Earth. New technologies are coming up. There are so many resources that are yet to be found. There could be large gas reserves in India we may not even know about”.


Attack On Syria

“Syria was a wonderful, peaceful place ruled by Assad. The Americans tried to overthrow him, but Vladimir Putin intervened. Many rebel groups were fighting against Assad, including ISIS and Al-Quade. Aren’t these evil organizations that America was against, but they were fighting against Assad and Putin? But America failed in Syria”. 


War In Yemen Which News Media Hides

“Nobody hears about the Yemen war. Yemen got pummeled into dust. It seems like Saudia did it, but we know who was behind this. It has been going on for years. They had conflicts since the 1980s or 1990s. There are resources to be explored over there. Maybe that was the reason for this war. There are a lot of atrocities swept under the carpet”.


Dark Side Of Obama

“Obama was honoured with the Nobel peace prize the moment he was elected. But, he dropped more bombs than George W.Bush ever did, but he was a great talker. The major characteristic of Obama as he was the black male president of the U.S. During his leadership, Osama was killed. He presided over the destruction of Libya and the killing of Muammar Gaddafi. Apart from this, I don’t remember any achievement of his”.



“The racial profiling is still a thing. It may have decreased because of the talks, but it happens. The root cause of this was during the U.S. independence. As per constitution that was made after the independence of the U.S.,everyone is equal. But Americans put this to a vote. The result was yes, but only white landowners were allowed to vote. Racism has been a part since the very start. The entire nation was built on the back of the slaves and the genocide of the native Americas. Until the beginning of the 20th century, black men, women, and children were sold with animals. Families were broken. Men were used to breed women to produce more black children to become slaves. After the child was grown up, they sold them. That is a kind of segregation. Until the 1960s, John F. Kennedy gave equal rights to the blacks”.


Positives Of America

“The U.S. has been a driver of innovation in the world. They are a culture of high achievement and pushing themselves beyond limits. The lifestyle is more about freedom and individuality. There are many positive things in the U.S., and I have not faced so much racism. They value a person with talent and hard work”. 


China May Not Become A Superpower?

“I think the biggest obstacle for China to be a superpower would be China. They grew exponentially after the cold war, but the economic growth rate now has been 4-6% in a year. Their one-child policy is bringing disaster. Everyone is growing old. Problems are coming up in China which might lead them to fall”.


I hope this episode was insightful. Once again, we did not intend to offend anyone. We just want to bring the truth in front of everyone.

Thank You.


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