Virat Kohli, Dinesh Karthik, AB De Viller\’s Cricket Journey From Their Fitness Coach Himself: Basu Shanker

Are you a cricket or a fitness enthusiast? Or do you want to know about the fitness journey of the Indian Cricketers? Then this blog is for you.

From the career of cricketers like Virat Kohli, Dhoni, and Dinesh Karthik to the different types of proteins and fitness regimes they follow everything is covered in this blog with their fitness coach himself, Mr. Basu Shanker.


It was an absolute honor to host Basu Shankar on The Ranveer Show. He has always been on the list of guests since the start of the show. I have always been a fitness enthusiast and cricket fan and Basu sir is the person who has revolutionized the fitness in Indian Cricket.

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Start Of His Journey

“I was an athlete. When my athletic career concluded, I started to look for something more. I didn’t want to be a run-of-the-mill coach. I wanted to explore the world of exercise, science, and strength and conditioning. But back then, people thought I was off my head. Fitness in sports was taken seriously around 2007 or 2008. It is still a growing industry”. 


Fitness As A Career

“I think the fitness aficionados are moving towards objective numbers, as in, they want to measure and analyze everything. They hire experts to get their bodies in great shape. I spoke to a famous director, Vetrimaaran, in Chennai, and he said, to become a good film director, you need to be supremely fit. That is where the world is today. I think anybody who wants to take fitness as a career if it is your passion jumps into it, and you will get rich dividends out of it”.


How Did Going Vegetarian Affect Virat Kohli?

“Your body doesn’t know if you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It only understands macronutrients and micronutrients. We need to find a balance. Proteins subdivide into amino acids, and if you give the right food to cover all amino acids you are good to go. You need to have adjustments. With Virat, we had to make adjustments, and whenever we had to make some adjustments in his diet, we had a conversation. Once he is convinced, there is no looking back”.


Basketball Fan


“I am an NBA fan. I have been playing recreational basketball for 10-15 years. I used to sit till 3:30 at night for any Chicago Bulls match, and I would go crazy. I am the biggest Jordan fan”.


Dhoni And His Fitness Regime


“He amazed me. I got into the team in 2015. He has hilly body: a strong build. He played a lot of sports in his younger days. I didn\’t bother him with his ways of doing things. I helped him when he asked me to. The exercise regime that he follows was something he arrived at after years of trying different exercises. He is gifted with supreme strength”. 


Steroid Use In Cricket?

“I don’t think they use it. I don’t even think the cricketers know about it. The cricketers use creatine. Two supplements you can use for getting proteins are creatine and whey protein. Creatine is better to be consumed with your food. The best way to find which protein works for you is to put super sapiens on ultra human, consume whey protein and see how much your glycemic index increases. The proteins that doesn\’t go up and have no bloating will work for you.”.


Protein-Rich Foods

 “Protein and good fats are necessary for all meals. If you can afford avocado, it is best. You can have eggs. Tofu and dal if you are vegetarian. Cricketers have tried various diets, and intermittent fasting doesn’t work for cricketers. It is for general people as you lose muscle mass”.



“We Indians are more flexible than the westerners. There is an equally good method like yoga to improve your flexibility. But if you are hyper mobile, you are contraindicated for stretching. If your body is too loose, you need to tighten it, but if you are hyper-mobile, hit the gym more often”.


What Makes Hardik Pandya Stand Out?


“Hardik is a great guy, easy to work with. The demand of nutrients and fitness of an all-rounder is different. He has extreme self-belief, and he has done magic in this IPL”.


Ab De Villiers Known As 360 For A Reason

“You need to have a multi-directional approach. Ab De Villiers doesn\’t only play cricket. He could have represented South Africa in tennis and is a great athlete, golf player, and squash. He is called 360 for a reason”.


One Of The Greatest Sports Story India Has Seen

“Dinesh Karthik is like Benjamin Button, as he grows older, he’s getting younger and fitter. He is in a happy space now, blessed with twins. He is enjoying it now. I never thought he would make a come back into the team. His ability to bounce back is great. He came as an opener, he lost that, then he came as a batsman or keeper, and now he is a finisher. Now all his dream has come true. When he started, he was much more hyper. He can talk about movies and shopping. He can sell ice to Eskimos”.


I hope this blog helped you gain an insight into the fitness of Indian Cricketers.


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