College Fashion Tips for Boys

I had no sense of fashion back then in college. I acquired all of it after I graduated and entered the media world. So, I thought let\’s share some college fashion tips for my young brothers as many of you are going to start college soon.


Be practical

  • Don’t spend much money on clothes or brands.
  • Focus on socializing and not showing off.


Stand out

  • Choose clothes that will become your signature and make you stand out from the crowd.


First impression

  • Shoes are the first impression (avoid gym shoes, strap sandals, and crocs).
  • Wear simple flip-flops, skate shoes, and casual loafers.



  • Chinos or cotton pants are a good option.
  • Simple deep blue jeans are a must-have.
  • You can even go for some color-faded jeans.


 Accessories for men

  • Keep it simple when it comes to wearing accessories in college.
  • Can wear a simple, elegant, and subtle wristwatch.
  • Avoid shades or sunglasses to college. Keep them for the weekend trip.



  • Basic black, grey, or navy blue bag.
  • Keep it lightweight and not so bulky.


Bonus : 

Keep changing your look. Keep it exciting and fresh.


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