Ancient Indian and Egyptian History With Dr. Ajay Prabhakar

Have you ever wondered what is inside the passive structure of the pyramid? What do the olden-day\’s signs and symbols have to say to us?

If you are intrigued by history and love reading about it then you will be amazed by this blog.


The world of the internet is opening up to history, and having Dr. Ajay Prabhakar was an honor. Dr. Ajay Prabhakar is an archeologist, author, and Indian history researcher. He is someone who still serves as a consultant to the United Nations and other International bodies on Sustainable Development Goals, Technology, Research, and Education.

We think we know the history, but we don’t know. Having a conversation with an archeologist was one of my goals. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

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How Did He End Up Becoming An Archeologist?

“With me becoming an archeologist happened with time. I have a doctorial degree in A.I. My entry into this field was to get technology into these areas. In my school days, I was a lover of history. But nothing to get in that direction. When I started working in an excavation. I was amazed seeing the sculptures, or metal or wood made 1000 years ago. To replicate such things is even difficult today”. 


What Is Culture?

“Cultures are an amalgamation of languages, cooking, and stories. There are dishes, clothes, and species getting lost nowadays because their process is longer”.


Egyptian Pyramids

“There are so many pyramids, and we know of around three of them. There are many things yet to be learned about these pyramids. Why were they built, and what is inside them? These have been there for thousands of years. Many parts of them have been explored. Some parts of it are made in a way where you can go in but not come out”. 


How Does It Feel Inside The Pyramids?

“I felt a royalty vibe. There is an overload of data. There are messages on the walls. It is a culture. Triangle is a stabilized shape, and it is the symbol of the scariest feminine”. 


Lost Languages And Unknown Symbols

“We talk about Sanskrit, but there is also one more language called Prakrit. which people are unaware of today. One of the oldest symbols discovered by archeologists is the spiral. It is a feminine symbol. When we talk about the Egypt triangle is important. There are so many goddesses given more importance”.


Did Egyptians Discover Battery Way Before Time?

 “What if they were a source of power? I am not saying believe what I am saying. But scientifically, the battery was discovered in Egypt. Even the most advanced science is just mimicking nature. Some devices looked like a battery, but we need to research more about them. Our ancestors aligned towards devices which were more in line with nature”. 



“When we talk about aliens, we have an image of someone with an elongated head, but they can even look like us. It could be a race of people who are far ahead in the science race. But what if the microorganisms or water are the aliens?” 


Signs And Symbols

“The spiral symbol is a kind of one going into another. How could someone think of the whole world as an interconnected cycle? All the older symbols have so many parallels in different cultures. These questions are intriguing”.



Deeper Meaning Of Traditions and Cultures

“The ancients were brilliant. Etching on the stones, drawing. They also used sounds and followed traditions. They all have messages in them ‌we are yet to find out. What if these have a deeper meaning or a warning to be mindful”.

“There are certain birds like the phoenix that are a source of inspiration. Our ancients are saying this through symbols that you cannot give up”.


Dinosaurs And Dragons


“There were dinosaurs with feathers. There are multiple possibilities for wings like camouflage, to hold the air and fly. Our folklore and few temples have a similar ‌to the dragon. There are varieties of dragons”.


Hidden Treasure

“Yes, there are hidden treasures. We have just scrapped out the top. Treasures are different for different people. There is a possibility of having gold hidden. We never knew we had a history of dinosaurs in India until we found dinosaur eggs in the south. Even our temples have a good amount of material wealth”.


Stop Harming The Nature

“We can’t do anything with nature\’s adjustments like the shifting of mountains or water pollution. It is nature\’s way of telling us to stop. We need to align with mother nature, We need to stop doing things against nature. We should study and research more to make things better”.


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