Most IMPORTANT Skill Of 2022

In the last seven years, I have successfully made four start-up businesses and created over 300 podcasts. Fortunately, my team has been lucky enough to grow, which is possible because of my people skills. The most important skill in today\’s day and age is people skills. With the rise of short-form content, the attention span of people has reduced, and holding their attention while you talk has become difficult. Here are a few steps that you can follow to improve your skill and stand out among people. 


Rule 1

  • Talk to everyone with equal respect.

\"\"Rule 2

  • Power of exclusivity.
  • Keep your energy exclusive.
  • The more you talk to people the more you are drained of energy.
  • It is good to know more people in college, but after college, you need to focus on talking to fewer people and having worthy conversations.


Rule 3

  • Drive a conversation.
  • Listen to podcasts to gain knowledge.
  • Keep asking questions but don’t make it seem like an interview. 


Rule 4

  • Sense of humor
  • I am also trying to master this skill.
  • Your popularity and the attention span of people increase when you have a great sense of humor.
  • You can work on your humorous skill. 


Rule 5

  • Form a connection with people
  1. Research a little about them.
  2. Talk to them with confidence
  3. Figure out what is their topic of interest. 


Rule 6

  • Audience retention
  • With reels and short content, the attention span has decreased.
  • You need to have a retentive conversation

Trick 1- Repeat their names after a few sentences

Trick 2- If you can remember details then it is great

Trick 3- Be a storyteller


Rule 7

  • Art of Storytelling
  • Voice modulation, where to use silences, and how your start your story
  • Excite and hype before you start your story
  • Keep your ending clear
  • It should have a shock factor or emotional value or it should be knowledgeable.


Rule 8

  • Story Pacing
  • Get maximum information with minimum time. 
  • Learn how to grip people.

\"\"Make sure if your story has done well in one room try to work that on other rooms also. Study people like Kevin Hart and Shahrukh Khan to learn the art of storytelling. 


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