Spirituality, Time, Lord Ganesha, And About Hinduism- A Mind Bending Conversation

You are definitely in for a mind-bending conversation.

Om Dhumatkar is someone who is an absolute polymath, a scholar of ancient history, and truly one of the most knowledgeable persons I have ever met. It was a wonderful experience to gain an hour of pure knowledge from this man. Truly graced the space with his presence. Om Dhumatkar is one of the most successful bankers in the U.K. He has seen insane amounts of material success, which began from humble beginnings, back in Mumbai, India.

This blog is full of mind-bending conversations with him about time, Maya, etc. I hope you enjoy reading this blog.

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Professional Information on Om Dhumatkar

“I am head of the strategy for one of the largest banks in Europe for their business banking division. My job is to figure out how can we deliver a better customer experience and more value to the stack holders.” 

Mentality While Working

“When you work in an industry like banking, you see big amounts all the time. Sometimes you lose perspective. If I say 100 million or 200 million, those are just numbers, but if it is 100 million of my money, I would think of it differently. So in my work, I think of it as my money to get the best possible return for my customers.”


What Is Time?

“Swami Chinmayananda has said objectively time is defined as a space between two events. But what might be objective for you may not be the same for me. I might get up and have a cup of me, but you may not have it. Ultimately, time is a subjective experience and then we start to explore. The universe is created by different laws.” \"\"


What Is Truth?

“My belief and understanding are that there is one truth. It is even said in the Rigveda that the truth is one but the wise call it by different names. Based on our understanding, we connect to a representation of that truth.” 


God As Per Shrimad Bhagavatam

“If you look into our scripture, Srimad Bhagavatam, God is explained in three ways: Brahman, Parmathama, and Bhagwan. The aspect of the divine is known as Brahman. Paramatma is the divine that sits in our hearts. Bhagwan is the manifestation of the Lord. The lord is so merciful and kind that he takes the form according to our subjective reality.”


His Love Towards Lord Ganesha

“In the last year or two I am drawn towards Krishna and I firmly believe that lord Ganesha is guiding me towards that. He wants me to go in-depth to understand life. It is the same energy. One of the biggest impacts on my life was Bhagwat Gita. My favorite lord Ganesha lead me to a blissful experience of chanting. I have learned through all our experiences in life that one thing that keeps us motivated is love.” 


Understanding The Vedas

“The source of all our scriptures is the Vedas. There are four Vedas. All of them are divided into three parts: Upasna Kanda, Karma Kanda, and Gyan Kanda, also known as Upanishads. The Upanisads are there. There are six schools of reality which include Yoga. The interpretation of Upanishads is the Vedant school of philosophy. There are two types of scripture, Ethias, and Puranas. In the Puranas, there are mentions of dreams being intuitive.”

“The phrase of Upanisads implies a discourse between a teacher and student. The transfer of information from the higher level to the lower. The Upanishads are brief. The Mandukya Upanishads have only ten verses. Those ten verses discuss the meaning of OM.”


Understanding AUM

“AUM is not a symbol. It is a mantra. AUM comprises three sounds: A, U, and M. A stands for waking state, U stands for the dream state, and M stands for deep sleep. These three states of waking, dreaming, and sleeping rises from somewhere and dissolves into something. The underlying state is Turiya.” 

\"\"“Any experience comes from something and merges into something. A plant emerges from the seed, grows, bares flowers, and fruits, and dies in the soil. So, the soil is the state of Turiya. In English, it can be consciousnesses.”

“In our scriptures, the first sound that was created during the process of potential energetic state to the kinetic, energetic state was AUM.”


Greatness Of India

“India is a truly blessed land because there has been an uninterrupted process of self-realization. Right from scriptures to temples to ashrams, this entire infrastructure has been created and sustained in India for thousands of years.”


The Mahabharat

“From my studies, I look at Lord Shiva, or Lord Ganesha, or Lord Krishna as different doorways to the divine. Lord Ganesha was the stenographer of the Mahabharat. Veda Vyasa needed someone who could write down such a great epic with such spiritual depth. The condition Veda Vyas put was Lord Ganesha can only write down things that you truly understand, and Lord Ganesha put a condition that he shouldn’t stop reciting if he stops, and put his pen down. Lord Ganesha would not continue it. After a point, the pens couldn’t hold, so Lord Ganesha wrote from his tusk. The first student to understand the Bhagwat Gita was Lord Ganesha.”



“The word Shiva means pure. Lord Shiva is believed to be not from this Earth. But this is from people who haven’t read so much. Lord Shiva is known as Adi Yogi. Shiva is someone who is pure energy in the potential state. To activate it in kinetic energy, you need Devi energy. To go from Shiva, you need Shakti. They go together. Shiva has a deep history in India.”


Krishna\’s Life

“We can be on a spiritual path for different reasons. Many people have been led from one deity to another. Krishna’s whole life is of detachment. At the point of appearance, he was taken to another place. He stayed in Vridhavan, then he moved and killed his evil uncle. Then he had to leave that place and go. He acted as a catalyst in a war that was hugely destructive on Earth, but he did it for a higher purpose. Krishna did everything with a smile.”


Coincidence or Not?

“We have to be authentic to our heart. The deity that comes to us is the characters we manifest in our life. I went to Hampi with my friends ten years ago. There is a hill that is said to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. I woke up around 4:30 and reached there around 5:30. All shops were closed, and there were two dogs. They were so many, and they started walking ahead. I just started walking behind them. The dogs took me to a place where there was a samadhi. I bowed there and thanked them. By the time I turned, the dogs had left. After that, I went ahead, and there are rocks where you need to crawl, and I went there and started meditating. The Pandhitji was trying to tell me to go, but two Sadhus stopped the pandit, and I meditated there. The Sadhus then explained that the Samadhi was their guru. It might just be a coincidence, but who knows?”


It was a pleasure having Om Dhumatkar on The Ranveer Show.

Thank You.


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