Spiritual Guru Sri M About His Spiritual Experience, Yeti and Kundalini

Do you still have memories from your past life? What is Kundalini? Time is relative, and it is different for different people. If such topics intrigue you, then read till the end as many of your questions would be answered through this.

Sri M is a renowned author and spiritual leader. He was honored with Padma Bhushan in 2020. He is the disciple of Sri Maheshwarnath Babaji, the disciple of Mahavatar Babaji.



“After the unique experience with my guru Sri Maheshwarnath Babaji, laying his hand on my head and saying everything would be fine with time, I started having memories from before. I have bad memories of being closed inside a dark room, in the embryo.” 

“The memories of why I am here came to me much later. Everyone has these memories. The difference is some experience them early, and some never experience them.”

“Even in Mahabharata lord, Krishan mentions to Arjuna that I am the one who gives people memories and wipes them out.” 


Life Changing Moment

“I was born into an immigrant Muslim family from across the border. My forefathers were personal security guards at that time”. 

“I was born in Trivandrum. When I was young, our backward was huge. Everyone used to come there to play. One evening, everyone left, and I was alone and saw someone standing far away. He was not wearing any cloth on his upper body. He was tall and wore a rudraksha around his neck. The first question he asked was, do you remember anything? I said no, as I didn’t know what he was saying. He said you will get to know everything when the time is right.”


“He instructed me to leave, and I started walking. After walking some distance, I turned around, and no one was there. I knew it wasn’t just a vision. I wanted to tell my mother, but I couldn’t. That day my life started changing.”



“After that incident, I went to sleep. I felt like somebody was waking me up at midnight. I felt a warm feeling near my stomach and spread throughout my body. There was a feeling of blissfulness. It kept happening every night.” 

“I got a desire to read the Upanishads. Books came to me unasked. Then my meditation started becoming deeper. Situations happened when I ended up with many spiritual people around my locality.”


Leaving Home

“It was nineteen when I had this thought. The environment I was staying in won’t help. I always felt someone in the Himalayas would be waiting for me. One day, I just felt like leaving. At that time, there was no Google Maps. I just went. I had some money, but I suffered a lot for food and because of the cold. Then I halted in Rishikesh for some days in an ashram. After that met a sage in a cave who took care of me. I took one month and ten days to reach Badrinath.”


Meeting Sri Maheshwarnath Babaji

“One day, I decided to walk up towards the last village, towards the Indo-Tibetan border. I went walking and passed the Vyas Gufa. I kept going. There were some caves on the rock, and one cave had a locked door. I started coming back”. 

“Suddenly, I felt suicidal, thinking that maybe in the next life, it would work. Then I thought about meditating and took a decision. I saw the Vyas Gufa again and saw a bonfire, and I thought someone would be there. I entered the cave, and I saw my guru again. The same guru I saw when I was young. I stayed with him for three years.”

\"\"Kriya Yoga

“We practiced Kriya Yoga. The word Kriya in the Yoga shastra means practice.”

“It has opened up many dimensions of the mind. The mind can rise from a lower to a higher level. Divinity is not something that’s out there. It is the spark that is in us.”


Different Energies

“I know that higher beings exist. We don’t see the beings, but that does not mean they don’t exist. We don’t see air, but it is around.”

“Their rate of frequency of their body is lower. Some can see us. Some are unconscious, like us. We can’t see the soul. They can’t see us.”


Benefits Of Chanting

“When I started the practice, I just wanted to practice, learn and be free. When we chant, the higher beings help us to solve the problems. Always invoke the positives to remove the negatives.” 

“Your thoughts are not yours. Partly it is because of your circumstances. In temples, when you enter, there is the status of Dwarpalakas. They are the symbol of keeping away that negativity.”


Living in the Himalayas

“I stayed in caves where we begged for food. We used to get food as people knew my guru. Once your hunger is taken care of, you realize the Himalayans area is the most beautiful place to live. We saw herds that could keep hunger away. The water is naturally infused with herbs. There are many sadhus you can learn from.”


Why Do Yogis Look Younger Than Their Age?

“The human cell starts to change. You can make out physical changes as well. The cells are fully charged.” 



“I avoid the word Kundalini because it is an exploited term. Sex and the kundalini are interrelated. Both the energy is for creating. This energy is stored in your Muladhara chakra. A yogi controls that excitement by turning it around to ascend the spine. Kriya Yoga can help you with this. But, it takes time.”



“Shiva is an abstract concept. It is not the Shankara that we see in the photo. The third eye that we see symbolically means that with sensor organs, we can’t discover anything beyond the third dimension.”



“Time is based on change. It is a relative and psychological concept. Mechanical time would be the same. If you enjoy a conversation, time seems to end soon. Time measured physically is one thing and time is a different concept altogether.”



“When I was on my way to Kailash with my guru, we didn’t go through the usual route. I reached a village where there was a statue of Buddha. We stayed there as I was feverish. In the middle of the night, I woke up. There was a kerosene lamp, the rest was dark. Suddenly someone came in. I was not delusional. He was a huge fury person. It wasn’t a bear because he stood like a human. It stuffed some herb in my mouth and he ran off. Babaji told me later that it was Yeti. I could have died from the fever, but because of the herb, I was safe.”



I hope this blog was knowledgeable. And we intent of getting Sri M back on The Ranveer Show .

Thank You.

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