What Is Brahmastra? Is There Any Other Strong Astra?

Watching the movie Brahmastra invokes questions like What is Brahmastra? Is Brahmastra the strongest Astra? What are the other Astras? To answer all such questions and know the history behind these Astras read till the end.

I feel the history that we learn in school is incomplete. You might need an entire lifetime to know the complete history. 


Most of you must have watched the movie Brahmastra, but in this conversation with Akshat Gupta, we will get to know what history has to say about the Astras. 

\"\"Akshat Gupta is an author and expert in the knowledge of Astras, and he is also working on scripts for Bollywood. 

I hope more writers get inspired by the movie Brahmastra and write about it. 


Happy Reading!


The Actual Brahmastra

“The actual Brahmastra existed even before Mahabharata. It is believed to be in an arrow shape, but Astras doesn’t have a shape. It can be invoked even in a single blade of grass with the right mantra.”

\"\"What Is Brahmastra?

“Brahmastra is a combination of two words: Brahma and Astra. Astra means weapon, and Brahma means creator.” 

“The Astra is created by Bramha and can destroy Brahma.” 

“It is believed the shield of Brahmastra cannot be destroyed with a Trishul or Sudarshan Chakra. This is the reason it is among the topmost position in weapons.”


Astra Powerful Than Brahmastra

“Brahmashira is more powerful than Brahmastra. To explain the power of Brahmashira, it is said that if Brahmastra has one face of Brahma dev at the tip of the arrow, Brahmashira has four faces of Brahma Dev. It is four times more powerful than Brahmastra.”


When Were Brahmashira and Brahmastra Used?

\"\"“Brahmashira is the Astra that Ashwatthama used, and Krishna tried to stop it. This Astra was diverted towards the womb of Abhimanyu’s wife, who was the son of Arjuna. The power of Astra depends on your power.” 

“Arjun used Brashmastra, so Ashwatthama used Bramhashira. But, he didn’t know how to stop it. The whole world would have ended, so it was directed toward Abhimanyu’s wife who was a sister to lord Krishna. Hence, Lord Krishna cursed him with immortality.” 


Do Astras have their Counter? 

“There is a counter to all the Astra. If there is Agni Astra, there exists Varun Astra as well. Likewise, all the astras have counters except for a few”


Mention Of Astras In ancient Indian History 

“There are no Puranas or any booklet which consists of all the information about Astra. It is mentioned in different texts when someone has received or gained an Astra. God would bless you with the Astras based on the Tapasya you did. But all the Astras have limitations.”


Naga Astra

“Naga Astra are usually in the shape of an arrow. When you invoke it, it goes to your enemy, and when it reaches your enemy, they turn into actual snakes and coil around them. As it said, snakes can’t be a pet. They coil around you to measure you. The snake can eat you once they know your volume.”.

“Naga Astra can grow in shape and eat you up. It was used in Ramayan by Ravan’s son on Lord Rama and Laxman. At that time, a new Astra came into being Garud Astra. The counter to Naga Astra is Garud Astra, as they are considered enemies”


Why Don’t We Have Astras In Modern Day?

“People in those days knew when to use those Astras. In today’s time to carry a gun, also you need a license because we are not mature enough to handle or invoke these things.”


Did Lord Shiva Attack Lord Vishnu 

“It is metaphorical that Trishul and Sudarshan Chakra were used against each other. Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu had a few fights. Lord Vishnu is the protector, and Lord Shiva is the destroyer. Their reasons for fights were complicated. Once Lord Shiva used Trishul towards Lord Vishu, it injured him. That time Lord Shiva realized his mistake, but Lord Vishnu told him he invoked Lord Shiva to do this.”


The 3 Powerful Weapons

“There is no counter to Trishul, Sudarshan Chakra, and Narayanastra. The rest of the Astra’s have a counter. The only counter to Nayanastra is you need to surrender yourself to it.”


Having Akshat Gupta on the show was an honor. His storytelling skills are just mind-blowing. This was the Astra special. I hope you all liked it.


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