Chris Betzmann Sharing His Travel Experience In India and All Over the World

Traveling all over the world is a dream of many and our guest, Chris Betzmann, is the person living this dream. He shared his experience in Varanasi, Kerala, and even in Dharavi.

Chris Betzmann is a Germany who spent his time from age 13-31 traveling all over the globe and paying for himself. He has countless experiences in travel. 

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\"\"How Did He Start With This Journey?

“It all happened. I had no planning of living like this. Ten years ago, I left Germany, as I wanted a change. I wanted to travel more and have more adventures. Things just kept happening. I had different jobs in different countries. I earned money and spent it on traveling. I invested in myself.”


Following Passion

“I loved taking pictures. I just dumped it on Instagram with no sense of making money. It developed from that to videos. I found my passion.”


His Trip To Pakistan

“I was in Pakistan during the lockdown. At the start of the covid, I came to India for two weeks. One of my followers messaged me, saying there would be a lockdown. Then I did my research. I read the borders would be closed at 4 P.M.”

“I got a flight from Delhi to Amritsar. From there, fifty minutes to Wagah Border. My luggage was in Pakistan, so I had to go. When I reached the border, they said it was closed. I was freaking out. Finally, a guy came and helped, and I reached Pakistan.” 

\"\"Similarities Between India And Pakistan

“People are very similar. The way they dress is the only difference. I had a great experience in both countries.”


Staying In Pakistan

“The North part of Pakistan was beautiful. With the right infrastructure, it has a good potential to become the best.”

“In Pakistan, there are three major cities: Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Others are smaller on the development side. There are restrictions like no bar or party culture because it is an Islamic state, but still, it is good.”


Growing Up In Germany

“Growing up in Germany, I learned a lot about efficiency, but there is no work-life balance. Germany is well organized. We have a stable economy, and even if you don’t have a job and you are born in Germany, the government pays you 400 dollars a month. Maybe there are not many people who are aware of this.”


His Experience in America

“I lived in Australia for three years. I liked America as well. You need to be with the right people because as much as it can help you grow, it can also mess you up. In terms of social media, it is kind of fake. It is more about cloud chasing, scripting, and faking. But you can grow if you work hard and connect with the right people.”


Living In Goa

“I have been living in Goa for five months. I was in Mumbai for two months. It was good, but I went out too much and wasn’t focusing on work. But Goa has beaches and forest, so it is a good balance.”

“In Bali, you will find all the big influencers and photographers of L.A. With Covid and all, it is much easier to work from there. Life there is perfect. The food is excellent and much cheaper than in Goa or Mumbai. It is a great place to live and connect with other foreigners. But it is difficult to earn.”


“But with time, people realize it is not for them. They think they can live a nomad life, but with time. They miss their family, want their comfort zone, or don’t see any growth.”


Vlogging In India

“In India, I love that people are talkative and not shy. They are very curious. You can have good conversations with them. It is a rising country, and I see a lot of potentials. It is fun.”

\"\"“There are so many states, and there are different worlds in different states. In India, even if I travel for five years, I would find new things to explore. I loved Varanasi.”

“Around four years back, I wanted to visit Varanasi. I am not a super religious person. But, what I love about Hinduism is it is super complex. There are so many traditions. In Varanasi, every moment, there is something different happening.”


“When I visited Dharavi, I thought it was not that dirty. I have been to slums in the Philippines, but Dharavi is more developed. Everyone has a small business. Slum tourism took over the tourism of the Taj Mahal, I feel. Some people do get offended by shooting, but I do understand. They might have thought I was there to show how bad Dharavi is.”


Chris\’s Weird Food Experience

“I have eaten cockroaches, snakes, crocodiles, and tarantulas. Snakes and crocodiles taste like chicken. I had grasshoppers in Thailand. Scorpion tastes muddy, and I did not like it. I saw people eating rats. I have tried eating a live octopus in Korea. It is a delicacy. You have to chew it very well.”

\"\"Future Plans

“For me, number one would be Varanasi. The second is Kerala. My plan now is to travel all over India. I might go to Korea as well. But, India would be my base for a while.”


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