Archeologist Explaining Ancient Indian Languages, Nagas, and Vimanas

Did Indians know about Vimanas? Why do temples and caves have the depiction of snakes? Are there languages that we are unaware of? To answer all such questions we had a conversation with Dr. Ajay Prabhakar.

Having Dr. Ajay Prabhakar was an honor. Indian archeologist like Ajay Prabhakar is known all over the world.

This particular conversation was exciting for me. Dr. Ajay Prabhakar just blew my mind talking about India. This is part two of the archeology special. 

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Do Africans Worship Lord Shiva?

“Mami Wata is a water spirit. If you look at the picture, it is Shiva for us. Mami Wata has a snake around her neck, just like Shiva. She wears tiger skin.”

“If I show you her picture, you will say she is Shiva. She is the water element. We have water coming down Lord Shiva’s hair.”


Do Africans Meditate?

“The African culture doesn’t talk about meditation. There are other ways they do it. They do talk about a priest or a living being taking other forms- shape-shifting. They also have minds being connected. Talking without actually talking. They even believe in moving things with their thoughts.”


Purpose Of Pyramid

“The pyramids are triangular. When we talk about Hindu culture, the vimanas of the past were triangular. There have been studies that say anything kept in a triangle doesn’t decay soon so, there is a belief that pyramids were built to keep some power source safe. Studies are still going on, so there is no conclusion as of now.”

\"\"Rumors Around The Pyramids

“There are parts of pyramids that you can’t enter except for the people working there. There are rumors that there were no mummies there. There are rumors that there could be a powerhouse inside it.”


Wealth In Indian Temples?

“In India, temples are the place you could find wealth. The wealth has been collected over decades. Maybe the kings kept their wealth in temples to safeguard their wealth.” 

“We have all the weird stuff written on monuments. They should have been protected.”

\"\"Depiction Of Snakes In Temple

“There is the depiction of snakes in temples. There is a whole philosophy behind it. In Africa, there are depictions of such things. This tribe was strongly intertwined with nature. They understood the cycle of life and mind.”

“We even have a lot of tales with crocodiles. It can just be a story or even have some other meaning. They have been around for many years. So maybe snakes and crocodiles have stories to tell.”


Use of Nuclear Weapons In Indian History

“Nuclear devices are not new in our Indian history. Bramhastra is a nuclear device. There are even stories of making blades of grass a weapon with mantras. It was possible in those days. There is a mention of the plane in Ramayana. People would say planes were not even made, but we have Vimanika sastra, which shares the knowledge of how it was made with details of even what proportion you should mix the metals.”


Vimanas Mentioned In The Ramayan

“The devices and the metals mentioned in Vimanika Sastra are not known, as there are in a language that we don’t know. The reference to these metals must be in the local language used back then. The mathematics used is different. The book mentions different energies that can be used for making the plane.”

\"\"Unknown Languages

“The languages of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro are not known yet. With A.I. coming in, we are trying to crack the olden language. So, it could open to us how the town was built during that time with such precision.”


Indian Languages

“Prakrit is also a language. It could be in the same family as Tamil. It is one of the older languages and rich in culture. Languages have evolved with time. I had a case study about Malayalam where I came to know that Malayalam has certain connections with languages in Africa.”


Significance Of The Letter V in History

“The letter V is the universal symbol for women. It also depicts the womb. When we use V, it is venus, and victory is also a feminine expression.”


Having A Balance

“We should have a balance and not incline towards patriarchal or matriarchal. Your thoughts, signs and symbols, emotions, everything needs to have a feminine and masculine side.” 


This conversation with Dr. Ajay Prabhakar was insightful. I hope you liked this conversation.


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