Exorcism, Black Magic, The Power Of Mantra, Satanic Culture By Ambika Devi

Do people seriously follow Satanic Culture? Is Exorcism and Black Magic actually practiced by people? What is the power of the mantra?

This blog is your answer to all such questions.

This is by far one of the darkest episodes. We hosted Ambika Devi. She left Columbia in her teenage in search of Krishna. In this phase, she has returned to the material world. 


This episode has a lot of dark conversations. We spoke about dark energies, Brahmacharya, and about exorcism. 


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\"\"Living In Columbia

“Columbia is one of the happiest countries. People try to look at the positives, and they embrace everyone.”


Why Did She Come To India?

“I was attracted to India from a very young age. People here are warm and kind. Their devotion and love for God just attracted me. I feel very spiritual when I am here. I always come here to recharge myself.”

\"\"Becoming A Brahmacharya

“Adopting Brahmacharya was a golden time for me. Brahmacharya helps you to focus. We follow four principles, one of which is vegetarianism. Meat is not fresh, and they carry an amount of anxiety as they suffer when being killed.”

Addressing The Vegetarianism Backlash

“You cannot compare killing plants and animals to be the same. It is not the same because plants don’t have a nervous system like animals.” 

“In Brahmacharya, we give up drugs, alcohol, and coffee. We follow celibacy. We try to maintain that energy. Spirituality-wise, you can reach a different level.”

“The fourth one is we don’t gamble. Your mentality changes while gambling. You become just greedy.”


Following Celibacy

“With men, celibacy is more effective. In women, you can observe effects like they age slower. The common effects are meditation is much deeper.”


Why Did She Come Back To The Material World?

“Now is the time I feel like marrying. My life changed when covid happened. I had a breakdown in my spiritual life as well. I was practicing, but I was confused. Is this what I want? That means my practice was not strong. I understood I was still fragile.”


How Did Her Life Change?

“I went to meet my mother, and my life changed. I was trying to live everyday life. But, I understood that was not my path. I saw Krishana coming my way. I was having dreams of Vrindavan and felt like it kept me calling back. So I decided to come back. In between that, I stayed in Abu Dhabi.”


“I was teaching Yoga there. I feel that was the best service I was doing. I wished it could be India where I could teach meditation.”


Practicing Exorcism

“My mother used to pray for people, and something people carry energy which could be good or bad. Some people have dark energy. My mother was doing an exorcism. I have seen it.” 

“My mother was powerful. She used to fight with such spirits.” 

\"\"Following Satanic Culture

“Some people worship the devils to achieve power. I have seen a girl who had joined a satanic cult. Later, she wanted to leave that, but she couldn’t because their power kept calling her back. She knew about my mother, and she came to meet me. We could sense that energy.”


Horrifying Experience 

“My mother was praying for her, and the entities started disturbing us. They spoke different languages and kept shouting, just like in movies. Those movies are not fictional. By watching that, you are calling them.”


Horror Movies

“The last movie I watched was Hereditary. It was very dark. They were chanting the names of the devil. It was very open.”

\"\"Over Coming Dark Energies

“The chanting and taking the name of God is very powerful. Nowadays, people even chant on roads.”


Being Raised With Spirits In Their House

“When my mother practiced exorcism, we had some spirits stuck in our house. We all had that vision. Now I don’t have. I saw many spirits. I saw a dark cloud of spirits moving around. People see that in movies, but it is true. My mother has stopped it now. But that was the reason I wanted a place more relaxed.”



“Some people are attracted to dark energy. They practice black magic. In the Bible, they talk about God having angels around them and their greThe Bible talks cast into hell. Lucifer is that devil.”


Mention Of Kaliyuga

“In the Bible, it is the apocalyptic time, and in Vedas, it is the age of Kali. We can see so many movies showing the Satanic religion. In the U. S, it is an open religion. Spirituality will go down.”


Black Magic?

“My grandma is also from Columbia. She married a Lebanese. She was very loyal to him. They had six kids, but he left her for another woman. She was very spiritual. Maybe that’s where we get it. She didn’t want to get married.”


“In 2016, I was doing some modeling and earned money. I got my mom and grandma a ticket to Jerusalem. Then to India. After Vrindavan, we went to Allepe. I went to a pool with my mother. My grandmother was lying on the bed. My grandma saw a lady come with a basket with flowers, and she thought it was someone from the hotel.”


“She took the flower. Immediately after that, she lost 80% of her vision. We got her to a doctor in Delhi. There was dark energy there. Now she is in Columbia. She has lost her vision. But now she can see angles and lights, but sometimes she sees dark energy coming to her. I can’t understand how that happened.” 


“Maybe her spiritual eyes opened. I am still trying to find answers. I often question if she is so religious, why did this happen to her? But at times, I even have this thought that maybe it is her material life eyes closing. She said she has never experienced something that powerful.”


Last Note

“We are not the body. We are energies. So, you can’t say you are your body. We don’t take anything or anyone with us, so we need to know which path we will take for ourselves.”


Ambika Devi’s spiritual thought process had an impact on the way I look at spirituality. I have understood the power of the mantra. I even understood the more you learn about darkness, the more you can lead yourself towards the light.


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