Nava Durga, The 10 Mahavidya and The Significance Of Navratri

What is the significance of Navratri? What is the significance of all the goddesses? Know more about the divine feminine and everything about the Nava Durga and 10 Mahavidyas in this blog. Spiritual.


TRS All-Star Dr. Vineet Aggarwal is back.

Dr. Vineet Aggarwal is an author and an expert on Sanatan Dharma, spirituality, and Hindu Philosophies.


He has been insisting on a conversation about the Devi ma since the start. But certain things happen at a certain time. Maybe this is supposed to happen now. 


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“The first time we met, we spoke about Tantra. People commented and reached out to me, asking about the goddess.” 

“I read a beautiful quote, ‘God is in the answers, and Goddesses are in the question.’ People don’t have a clear about the different aspects of Devi. And this is the perfect time to talk about it.”



“Each Purana narrates stories that happen in one day of Brahma. Brahma is the creator, and his life span if of 100 years. Each of his years has about 360 days. Each of these days is known as Kalpa. The different Purans narrate different stories of different Kalpa.”


“In Brahma’s 100 years, currently it\’s his 51st year going on, in human years, it is close to 155 Trillion years. There is a proper calculation behind it.”


“There are Purans focused on Devi, and they talk about Devi being the first form of God to appear. Devi Puran says that Devi came first, and the trinity emerged from her. God is beyond duality. But they manifest in certain forms to make things easier for us.”


The Hindu Trinity

“Lord Vishnu represents space. Lord Shiva is the God of time. He is also known as the destroyer. Whatever exists around us, the material creation, that is Brahma. Everything in this universe needs the energy to work. Energy is Shakti. Shakti and the masculine form together create the whole world.”

\"\"“Females of all species are responsible for the continuity of the civilization. The sacred feminine aspect has always been there in different religions. That is the basic concept of energy.”


Significance Of Navratri

“In Nava Durga, the nine manifestations of the goddess are relatable to the life of a woman we observe.”

“Navratri is cognizance of the nurturing aspect of nature. Mother nature is a universal concept as nature is nurturing. Mother nature is responsible for maintaining the balance. Navratri comes at a time when there is a change in the season. There are four Navratri in a year. The first one is Chitra Navratri. It begins with spring. The second Navratri comes in the month of Assad, before the monsoon. Then there comes Sharad Navrati, and last is the Magh Navratri, which is winter.”

“All this Navratri comes during the changes of season. People fast to know what they are putting in your body. The Devi Puran advises you to pray to goddess Prakruti.”


The Nava Durga

“The Nava Durga represents the evolution of women. The first day of Navratri starts with Goddess Shailputri. Shail means mountain. So it means the daughter of the mountain. The goddess is represented as the daughter. The second day is of Goddess Brahmacharini. She is depicted as a mendicant. The next day is of Goddess Chandraganta. This is the form of a married woman.”

“The next form is Goddess Kushmanda. It is a similar form, but besides weapons, she is holding a pot of honey representing the womb. She is moving into the next stage of life. The next day is of Goddess Skandamata. Skanda is Karthikey, so she is the mother of God. She doesn’t hold any weapons. It shows she is nurturing. The child is her world.” 

“The sixth form is of Maa Katyayani. It depicts that her life doesn’t end after becoming a mother. She killed Mahishasur. Then we move on to Maa Kalratri, Goddess Kali. She is misunderstood. Goddess Kali is created by Goddess Durga to kill the devils. This form of goddess shows she is independent.”

\"\"“From Maa Kali, she attains the form of Mahagauri. The next form is Goddess Siddhidhatri.” 

“It is like Goddess Laxmi. I find this exquisite. It resonates with the way women are around us.”


“Matrikas are the energies of seven gods. There are depicted in various forms across the country. There are Goddess Vaishnavi, Goddess Kaumari, Goddess Indrayani, and Goddess Kali.”


The 10 Mahavidya

“Goddess Kali is a form of energy. The entire universe we see is only 6 or 7% of the universe. Within this, we have dark energy and dark matter. 30% is matter, and 70% is energy. 6-7% is visible matter, and the rest is dark matter. Out of the energy, 60% is dark energy. That is Goddess Kali. She is the force of time.”


“From Kali emerges Goddess Tara. She is the vibration. Goddess Tara has a strong Buddhist relationship. There are 21 Tara mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures.”

\"\"“Goddess Lalita is considered the most beautiful of all the three worlds. She is the goddess of love and desire.”


“Goddess Bhuvaneshwari is space. She provides space. Goddess Kali gives the time component. Because of Goddess Lalita, there is vibration, and the universe comes into being. Then Goddess Bhairavi came into existence. She is the potential energy. When the universe bursts into existence, Goddess Chinnamasta comes in. She is violent, and that is how the world is.”


“The first time I saw the picture of Goddess Chinnamasta, I was sacred. But the depiction is so beautiful. She is standing on top of a love-making couple and has her head cut off that she is holding in her hand. There are three sprouts of blood coming out. One is going into her mouth. The other two are going into her companion’s mouth. It is so dark. But I understood the significance after reading the Maha Vidya.”

\"\"“It depicts life and death. The next form is Dhumavati, who is shown as a widow. This is the first time I saw any goddess shown as a widow. Dhumavati also makes smoke. She is the goddess who tells us that nothing is permanent.”


“Goddess Baglamukhi is prayed to defect the opponents. It translates to the universe being at a pause. The next form is Goddess Matangi depicts someone who is outcasted. Matangi is a tantric version of Goddess Saraswati. The last form is Goddess Kamala. She is sitting on the lotus. A lotus grows in mud, yet it is the most beautiful flower, similar you need to evolve.”


There was so much information and knowledge to gain. 

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