Kris Gethin On Training Bollywood Actors, Effects Of Different Subtances And Benefits Of Vipassana

Kris Gethin is a bodybuilder and an author. He has trained Hrithik Roshan, John Abraham, and many MMA fighters.

We spoke about the training process of Kris Gethin, or the effects of Ayahuasca, CBD, and Vipassana, and how to increase your life span.

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\"\"Kris’s Opinion About India 

“Being back in India feels great. I love the culture here. A few years ago, I was the only one working out early in the morning. But, maybe now, because of the lockdown, I can see so many people at six in the morning doing cardio or walking. It is a pleasure to see so many people active.”

Training Hrithik Roshan

“Around 2011, I started training Hrithik. I had come here to launch a book that I had published. A mutual friend of mine gave my book to Hrithik. At that time, he had faced a major injury. The shoot of Krish was about to be delayed because he was not in good shape.” 

“He called me and asked if I would be interested in transforming him. He was very determined. We set up a target of twelve weeks, and we were successful within nine and a half weeks.”


Process Of Training

“I first learn what scene an actor is planning transformation for, whether it is for romance or a fight. For a fight scene, I want their body to look bigger. For dance or romantic scenes, the body needs to look slender. So based on that, the diet and workout are decided.”

How To Increase Reps During Workout?

“The rep range I generally work between is 10-50 repetitions. I kept increasing the reps weekly. I also take a break for about 2-3 mins in between. It burns, but it provides energy to ATP receptors.”

Is Stretching Important?

“When we look at someone like Hrithik, who dances and has so many injuries, he spends nearly as much with flexibility as he spends in training. Some research says if you do stretching prior, it can reduce your strength. But on the other side, when you stretch. You can look good and feel good without getting injured.”

“I stretch between every rep. There should be more research to be done. My goal now is longevity, so I focus even on stretching between reps.”

How To Increase Your Life Span?

 “I sleep early. I go to sleep at 7:30 in the evening. A couple of hours before bed, I block all artificial blue lights with a red lens. Our ancestors used to go to bed with candlelights or campfires. But with phones and cinemas, we are exposed more to blue lights, which raise our cortisol level when our body should release melatonin. Sleep is a big dictator of longevity.”

“I wear earthing shoes. I try to take them off if I can. My fanny pack is EMF blocking, and even my phone case is EMF blocking. I have done stem cells a couple of times, as stem cells allow our body to recover.”

Stem Cells

“There are different ways of making stem cells. They can be harvested from embryos. The stem cells are retracted from the umbilical cord of a baby. In Columbia, these stem cells are stored for the family in case they need them in the future. Some of those stem cells are injected into interested people. It is painful, as the stem cells are injected into your joints.”

\"\"“You can even extract your own cells from your bone marrow. It is painful. One of my friends did it.”

Training MMA Fighters

“Their mentality is strong. Everybody is different. My mindset is I don’t have to improve MMA fighters as fighters. I have to work with strength and conditioning.”

Having Mind-Muscle Connection

“You need to have a mind-muscle connection. People usually train the muscles they can see. I am always poking the muscle. The person is trying to train to activate the neuromuscular pathway, so they focus on the muscle group. And finding failure in the gym is the only place you find success.”

“Failure means performing one more rep, even if your life depended on it. You need to be desperate to complete the last rep. People usually skip that because they want to be comfortable. You can’t have distractions.”


“I went to a Vipassana program. You can’t talk, read, or can’t use your phone, or you cannot make eye contact. I focused on myself. I realized people cannot train when they have distractions.”

“I did it in the U.S. It is a ten-day process. There is an application process. They don’t accept anyone. Once accepted, give up your phone, writing material, and computer for ten days. You are not supposed to make eye contact. You get two vegetarian meals a day.” 

“There were some breaks from morning to evening in between meditations. I knew questions like why am I here? Or I would want to talk to someone, would pop up. But after four days of battle, you get over it. Your senses are heightened. You start noticing things as basic as the voice of the breeze. Coming back into normal life is a little difficult.”

Ayahuasca Experience

“I didn’t have so much effect with Ayahuasca. I stayed there for five days. Some people had life-changing experiences on the first day. They said I had so much control growing up that I couldn’t let go.”

“I did it with many people around. Maybe this was also one reason I couldn’t let myself go. I am an introverted person.”

CBD Consumption

“I take CBD, and in the U.S. you are allowed to have 0.3% THC. It helps you with sleep and relaxation. The company I get CBD from makes another product as well. I thought of taking that as well. And I started feeling high. I didn’t realize that it was pure CBD. I saw a lot of things that night.”

“It felt weird. The next morning, I felt more clarity. It was all by accident. I woke up exhausted as if I didn’t sleep at all.”

Kris\’s Profound Experience 

“Vipassana was a profound experience. It was the most positive experience for me. I will do it every year. They say we should practice it 3 hours a day, but I do 30mins in the morning and 20 mins in the evening.” 

Training John Abraham

“I saw him two weeks back. He looks great. He is very chilled out and laid back. I trained him differently than Hrithik, as he doesn’t sleep much.”

“His schedule was 4-5 days a week. He is very strong. The food variety was limited for him because he is a pescatarian. He is dedicated to his life.”

\"\"Practicing Yoga Nidra

“Yoga Nidra helps you slow and deepen your breath. Everything slows down. I felt more relaxed. Cold therapy works great for me. It helps stabilize my mood and my blood sugar level.”

“We seek more comfort. So we need to seek discomfort. May it be working out, cold or hot therapy, running during rain, or wanting the Wi-Fi to be fast.”

Worst Food

“Sugar is worst for longevity. Anything that is fried is inflammatory. I tried some food in India. They taste amazing, but it has a lot of carbohydrates.” 


“I take plant-based protein. But even whey protein has a good response. Issues may be because of the quality of protein. You need to take a test and figure out what works for your body.”

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