Intelligence Services, Israel and Worldwide Situations

It is always a pleasure hosting Abhijit Chavda on The Ranveer Show. We spoke about intelligence services and worldwide situations.


Another conversation with Abhijit Chavda. This is a conversation about the Geopolitical update. Hosting the TRS All-Star Abhijit Chavda on the Ranveer Show is always a pleasure. 

Abhijit Chavda is a well-read individual. The depth of his knowledge of physics and history is impressive. 


I hope you enjoy reading this blog.

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Intelligence Services

“KGB was the intelligence service of the USSR. It’s rebranded, and it still exists. Today it is more about cyber. So, intelligence is needed to anticipate threats.”

“The old tricks of getting a forged passport are not possible.”


“Israel is the power of the nuclear weapons in the Middle East. It has fought 3-4 wars with its neighbor and has always been at the top. They have developed strong military and cyber security. They are of the mindset that they are ready for a fight at any point and time. It may be because of the holocaust that happened to the Jewish people.”


Powers Of The Middle East

“The Middle East was a part of the Ottoman emperor. The Ottoman empire was strong. The ruler was the Caliph, the sultan. In the 19th century, the kingdom started becoming weak. A massive weakness started creeping. The tribal factions wanted independence from the Ottoman. The Arabs didn’t want to be ruled by someone else.”


“Then the first world war began. Turkey sided with Germany and defected. But Mustafa Kemal Ataturk ensured the west was defeated and created a smaller nation of Turkey.”


“During the second half of the first world war, the British promised Mecca they would support an independent Arab nation if they supported the British against Turkey. The Britishers applied the divide-and-rule policy.”


The UN

 “Most NGOs in India are money-making businesses. Even the UN has the same problem. The money is not being used where it should be used. Many nations have demanded the reformation of the UN, but the nations with the Veto power keep denying it.”


China’s Fight To Become Superpower

“There is a tussle that is happening between China and the US. The Chinese would like to make their reserve currency instead of the dollar. They are improving the infrastructure. The US is trying to get India and other powers under it against China.”


What is The Status Of Crypto and Blockchain?

“Cryptocurrency is crashing of late. Ethereum has been built on top of the blockchain, but it is a kind of centralized. Most of them are still owned by various individuals or organizations. China is trying to build it. We are still in the wild west days of Web 3.”

\"\"Decline Of Dollar?

“The US seems to be in a declining position. They no longer have strong leaders in place. If it keeps declining, the value of the dollar will reduce. Maybe some other currency becomes more valuable.”


Why Not Use More Renewable Resources?

“Renewable energy is a good idea, but it is expensive. The price of solar panels needs to go down. Only then it can replace coal. It would take 15-20 years.”


False Narrative By The Media

“It is hard to know a complete truth, as the news is propaganda. Almost 89% of the world\’s new media are driven by the west.”


Is Putin in Danger?

“Putin is in survival mode. He knows China is cooperating, but China and Russia had issues in the past. It is difficult for the nations that share borders to not have conflicts. The west would just want to see Putin assassinated.” 

\"\"What Is Happening In Sri Lanka?

“One family has been ruling Sri Lanka for over a decade. This family has driven the economy into the ground. After the collapse of the nation, they went into exile. The current Prime Minister is an agent of the west. They are taking money from the World Bank.”

Situation In Pakistan

“Pakistan has a lot of debt. They have very less of export. It is not a democratic nation. The army has control of various businesses. The minorities are oppressed. There are many issues. Recently there was a flood there for a long time which caused many losses. They are even having issues with Afghanistan.”


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