Learnings From My 20s

This one is more of a message to my younger self.

But what is in it for you? For you, here are life lessons that I learned through my journey and things that you can avoid. Why is it important? Because the more real-life lessons you learn earlier, the quicker you reach your goal.


I wouldn’t want to change anything until 22, even the pain. Pain and mistakes are important while you are in college. 


This one is the lesson that I wished I had known earlier.



At 22, I just wanted to establish a chain of gyms. My entire life was about weight-lifting. I was just a boy from the middle-class area of Mumbai. 

Most people base their life goals based on their surroundings. As a famous saying is, “Your mind thinks as far as your eyes see.” If you see the same neighborhood, you end up setting limitations on your goals.


When I started training people, most were from the rich areas of Mumbai, which taught me to be limitless. You are capable of achieving anything in today\’s day and age. 


Do not place limits on your growth. 


Friendship Pains

At 22 and a half, I realized I want to get into the business world. I started looking around at friends who were as crazy as me. But I wished someone had told me this friendship derived from business is better than business derived from friendship. People think Viraj and I were best friends in college, but we weren’t even friends. We worked on a few projects together. 


Moving forward, I did try business with family or friends. But it has always ended badly. 


Don’t look for co-founders or colleagues within your friends and family. 

Doubters are fuel?

At 23, everyone doubted me in some way or the other. But when you eventually attain what people say you won’t be able to achieve, you won’t give a crap about them. You would have no time to care about it. 

Life is too short to use anger as your fuel to keep growing. Use excellence to grow. 


Don’t work to prove anything to anyone. You’ll always win if you keep improving.


Don’t Set Time-specific goals

When I was featured in Forbes 30 under 30, I cried after that moment. But my first thought was I wish I hadn’t picked it as a goal at age 23. Every birthday since 23 was a reminder time was running out. My career, team, and fame grew, but the voice inside me, which said you are a failure, grew.


I cried when it happened as it was a release of pain. Life since then has felt breezy. 

My mental mistake taught me not to set a timeline for myself. Believe you can achieve your goal, but don’t set a timeline.


Do not set intense, time-specific goals for yourself. 



Age 24 was an important year of my life. I started taking finances seriously. Viraj pointed out that I needed to be smart about my sense of security. 

Various YouTubers share knowledge about managing money better, so watch those and learn. 


Embrace FinTech early.


Arrogance Breakers

At age 26, money was substantial, and business was growing, but life happened. I faced the worst breakup of my life. I was in pain and revisited some bad old habits. 

It took a lot of time to heal. But being single gave me a lot of time, and I networked with many people. Eventually, I recovered from the heartbreak and later changed the networking with people to podcasts. 


A fast 20s is incomplete without some speed breakers.


You’ll remain humble when your heart is broken.

Or when you consistently choose to be with smarter and older professionals. 



I started podcasts at 26 because I ran out of content to create. Over time, it has become the best way to network and grow my knowledge and YouTube. The one truth I have learned about life is life and personalities are ever-changing.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of your brain to change its structure and, therefore, your personality throughout your life. 


The boxes that we place ourselves in eventually become our story. 


Enjoy The Small Moments

I don’t know if I have learned this lesson completely, but it is important. I have lived most of my life thinking the goal of life is a material success, but once you achieve one goal, you start chasing the next one. 


The best moment of my 20s is more personal moments rather than my material success.


Work hard but not one for the money dividends.


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