Space And The Unknown Mystries Of The Universe

We all are fascinated by space and the universe. When did the Big Bang happen? What happened after the Big Bang? What other planets exist in our solar system and is life possible on another planet?


Ever since the podcast began, I wanted to record this episode. Abhijit Chavda is back on ‘The Ranveer Show’.


We have done history and geopolitical episodes with him. This one is a  deep dive into the world of science. 


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What is Dark Matter?

“Dark matter is roughly 23% of the mass-energy composition of the entire universe. The universe is expanding fast. We know how fast the galaxies are rotating, and based on the luminosity of the galaxy, we can deduce how fast a galaxy rotates. We found that it did not match our observational study, which shows that much more mass is not visible.”


The Big Bang

“Big bang theory says that at time t=0, at the beginning of time, everything that exists in the universe, the stars, radiation, light, and dark energy, was all concentrated onto a single point. Then something made the universe expand. It was not an explosion or bang. It was expansion.”

“We think of time from a logarithm perspective. Initially, the expansion of the universe was faster than the speed of light. You can’t break the speed of light when you are traveling within space-time. Only to expand space-time, you can go beyond the speed of light.”


After The Big Bang

“After the big bang, there was inflammation. Then there was a period of expansion. Initially, the universe was dense. As it started cooling down, the first protons and neutrons formed. They are 5% of the atmosphere. Protons were light, but it was not visible to human life. It was highly energetic protons and gamma rays.”


“After the earth cooled a little and gave rise to matter and anti-matter. They nullified each other and gave rise to pure energy again. There was more matter compared to anti-matter.”

Latest Instrument In The Field Of Physics

“The latest instrument is a particle accelerator called the hadron collider. It takes extremely high energetic particles, close to the speed of light, and they are accelerated and smashed together. We want to see the debris of the collision.”

“There are 17 particles in the standard model. Everyone was looking for the Higgs boson. We had never seen it. We had the information of it in theory.”


Importance Of Higgs Boson

“Higgs boson is what gives mass to the universe. In quantum field theory, there are no particles. There are fields. These 17 particles of the standard model are 17 different fields, and each photon is a disturbance in the infinite universal proton. Whatever we see is an illusion. If Higgs boson didn’t exist in the universe would have no mass. Certain particles interact with Higgs boson weakly, so their mass is small, whereas when a particle interacts strongly with a Higgs boson, they have a high mass.”


“This theory was put forward in the 1960s theoretically. The LHC is the most powerful particle accelerator, so it was hoped that we could see evidence of Higgs boson.”



“Stars are born out of self-gravitating clouds of dust and gas. It takes the shape of a disc. This cloud of dust and gas typically comes from the outcome of the supernova explosion. Our sun is probably the second or third generation of the sun.”


Unknown Planets In Our Solar System

“We don’t know how many planets are there. There are way more than we imagine. We are discovering new minor planets. At first, we thought it was only till Pluto. There are likely more massive other planets there. This discovery has happened in the last 15 years.”


Life On Other Planets & Moon

“There are certain moons of Jupiter and Saturn where there could be life. There could be microbial life. We know that there was water flowing on Mars in the past.”


“We already have a technology possible to take humans to Mars, but the risk factor is high. It is more about how we can get them back alive. It is a step-by-step process. I think within 2040, someone will land on Mars. In the future, you might have technologies to cover your skin to protect you from the vacuum of space. ”


“The rocks on the moon are like that of the Earth. The composition of the moon seems to be like that of the Earth. China claims to have discovered some new minerals on the moon that can be used as fuel. There is water on the moon. We can now see a surface full of greyish dust. Below the surface layer is the compact of the moon. Its gravity is 1/6th of the earth. But of course, there is no atmosphere there.”


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