Tantra & The Occult – Powerful TRUTHS Explained By A Tantric – Rajarshi Nandy

What is Tantra? What is its origin? And to explain the different aspects of God we have Shri Rajarshi Nandy with us.

Shri Rajarshi Nandy is a Sadhaka par excellence and an adherent of the Sanatan Dharma. He is a technical writer by training, and a spiritualist by passion, currently working as a Contributing Editor for SirfNews.com.


This conversation with Shri Rajashi will teach you the basics of tantra and give you a new perspective on life and spirituality.


If you are interested in learning about tantra or spirituality. This conversation is for you.



“It depends on how you define god. As per the western perspective, God is one entity beyond power. We believe in the dual aspect of god.”

“The way we look at God is he is a divine force that completes liberation, and he can also have a manifest specific setting. This reality comes to us through rishis. It is their vipassana that they understood the beings for the first time.”


What Is Tantra

“Tantra is a specialist way of worshiping the God made for the Kaliyuga. Vedas as for the Satya yuga. Tantra says that it is a methodology of worship that will help you be successful, depending on your intentions. Your intention is your responsibility. When you go deeper, it is focused on the worship of devas.”


Origin Of Tantra Vidhya

“Atharva Veda has certain practices. But tantra originated in Kashmir and the eastern area near Kamakhya temple. Tantra is a methodology of worship given by Lord Shiva. I would not refer to tantra as dark practice. 99% of tantra doesn’t cause harm. There are seven modes of behavior. The basic mode is Veda acharya. You need not cross at seven in one lifetime. It carries forward in your next life. All you need is discipline.”


Importance Of Guru

“To practice tantra, you need to have initiation from the guru. There is a certain purification process that only a guru can teach you. Mantras are fundamental to tantra practice. By chanting it, you create an energy that resonates with the specific deities. These mantras are powerful, so you need to be initiated by someone. And this information is provided by Rishis.”


Dark Aspect Of Lord Ganesh

\"\"“In Hindu culture, we don’t start any new vipassana with the worship of Lord Ganesha. You pray to him to remove obstacles. There are aspects of Aghor Ganapati, but the worship is less in India. Tantra practitioners worship this fierce aspect of Lord Ganapati, and a householder can’t worship him. It has to be done by a sanyasi.”


Shri Rajarshi’s Experience 


“I was in Mumbai once, and I had a strange experience. At that time, I had a guru, but I didn\’t think he was the right guru for me. I did a concentrated form of worship of Maa Durga. I was working at that time. When you make a promise to the deity, you need to follow it. There would be many tests coming your way.”

“When I started following it, I got sick around the third day of this practice, but I was still following the practice. In the later stage, I had a few dreams of visiting a few temples.”

“I had a dream of visiting a temple in Vindhyachal, so I went there. On the outskirts of it, there was a Tara temple. A sadhu was sitting there. He told me to do a fire ritual there.”

“The fire was different as it was taken from the cremation ground. It is normally not to be trifled with because it has tremendously unique properties. It went well for me. After a few days of the fire ritual, I received a mantra in my dream. I didn’t do that, as I knew we shouldn’t do it without proper guidance.”

“I am always skeptical. A dream can be your mind playing tricks. The dream repeated itself, and then I started practicing it. After a few months of practicing the sadhana, I saw a figure standing in front of me.”


His Experience With Lord Krishna

\"\"“I was suggested to read a book by Sri Aurobindo. I had read his book before that also, but I never understood, but this time it made more sense. There were more experiences that I had. Eventually, I had a few experiences with Lord Krishna. He is someone who will pick out things one after the other. It will be painful, but he teaches you like that only. Devotion cannot be inculcated. Once you have an experience, you just become devoted.”

“Lord Krishna is not only about love. He is also the guru of the universe. Tantra sadhana texts say that Kaliyuga is about Goddess, but one more deity who has control is also Lord Krishna.”

“Lord Krishna was born on Ashtami. Ashtami is special for Maa Durga and Kala Bhairava. He had worshiped Lord Shiva and was blessed by Shiva and Parvati, and traditional people would be spooked by this.”


Being Detached

“Don’t be too attached to anything. As a devotee, I consider every positive and negative as her doing. Your thought should be I will be where I am supposed to be. When things are good, everything is fine. The problem is when things go bad. It is human to have those experiences. The whole point of the practice is your devotion is so strong that you can detach. Your job is to maintain a certain level of detachment.”


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