Priyanka Chopra About Her Life Journey

Our first episode with Priyanka Chopra on The Ranveer Show was the thirteenth episode, and now we have crossed 250 episodes. Priyanka Chopra has been lucky for us.

This one is a sequel to that episode. It is raw, detailed, and motivational.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

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“I am happier than I have been in a long time. I have reached a place where I have stopped struggling with the things I did when I was younger. Maybe it is because of maturity or the stability I have achieved. I am not running as fast as I was, now I am watching my steps. I am in a very comfortable place in my life and not looking for the validation I was looking for when I was younger.”


Importance Of Work-Life Balance

“Having a work-life balance is important. I took a vacation recently, and it was rejuvenating. The romanticization of work has to be rough and is wrong. Work can be your companion and can be something that gives you joy. When I am working I am, but when I switch off, I spend time with family and do whatever I want to, so when I am back the next day, I have more focus.”

\"\" “I love my job, and I love creating. I have the privilege of being in a position that few people can be in, so I don’t want to give it up, and I don’t want anyone to take it away from me.”


Starting Early

“When I won my first pageant, Miss India, I thought I was successful. Then I won Miss world, and I had no understanding of what happened. But it gave me a new opportunity. My parents gave up everything to pursue my nineteen-year-old dream, and I realized this after I turned 30.”

\"\"Family Support

“I always think, why am I lucky enough to have this life? I think about this a lot. I wake up with a sense of gratitude. I must have done something right, and I wake up with a feeling of giving back. I am highly grateful for whatever I have.”

“Many people don’t have the opportunity to make choices. I had the freedom of that, and it was a privilege. My generation of women changed the trajectory of the next generation of women.”

\"\"New Generation

“It can be scary. This generation of girls is fearless. Many girls take charge of their lives and don’t want to fit into the cookie-cutter mold. I meet many young women who have changed the trajectory of their families because of the choices they made. My message would be there are many noises around us people tell us to be a certain way. To be a good girl, you have to be a certain way. Good girls don\’t make history. Bold girls make history.”

“You need to make choices that might be contrary to what people have said. It may not come from your family. It comes from you. Try finding inspiration because no one is going to fix your life but you.”


Career Growth

“When I was becoming an actor, I didn’t know anything about acting. I used to sit and watch people and learn. My mom once told me once I was turning 30, she said that my self-life would be over. So I should become a producer as actors prefer young girls as heroines. So I started to understand the work of the producer. Once I started with production, I was in America, and my manager was a venture capitalist. She was into tech, and that’s when I became interested in investing. That is went Bumblee came to India. I loved the idea of Bumblee, and that is when my entrepreneurial journey started. And now, Anomaly is the first brand I founded by myself.”


Starting Fresh In The States

“I started working in The States in 2010, and in 2020 I got my first leading rule. It took me ten years. People don’t understand how much effort and humility it takes to start from scratch. I started as a singer, but I realized soon that I wasn’t that great at it, and that wasn’t my lane. When I got back to acting, I had to take my showreel and start over again. I never expected that I would be treated the same way in Hollywood as I was treated here. I was willing to do that hard work.”


Working Hard

“Unfortunately, few of us are happy for other people’s success. We should question why is my instinct to be envious. We would be unstoppable if we supported each other and stop jeopardizing each other. There will be many people who will try to pull you down, but you need to push forward.”


“You have to walk back towards your goal. Don’t wait for a miracle. Miracles don’t happen often. You have to create it for yourself.”


Message To Her Younger-Self

“I will tell the younger self to not stress out. I used to have a lot of anxiety about losing my job.”


Purpose Of Life

“The meaning of life is having a purpose. We take birth, and we die. What we do between that is our legacy. It is an individual choice. You need to question yourself about what you are doing and what you want to do. Whatever it is, it is fine if you are at peace with your choices.”


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